Earn and Trade's Return Policy Exception

Updated 04/22/2024

Defective Products:

If a gift card bought through Earn and Trade is defective upon delivery via email, we at Earn and Trade recognize our duty to rectify the matter immediately. Our objective is customer satisfaction; hence, we see to it that all transactions are done up to the best level of quality and dependability. If you receive a faulty gift card, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] within 7 days of receipt so we can resend the email to the email designated and twice entered in checkout. We will require proof of purchase and evidence of the defect to initiate the resolution process. Once confirmed true, we will do everything needed for replacement or refund.


Specialty Cases:

There can be some situations where special exceptions need to be made by Earn and Trade besides their regular return policy. Such instances include; legal requirements or consumer rights demanding alternative approaches from what is provided under normal policies framework. If you think your case falls under such conditions, feel free to reach our customer support desk through sending an email explaining everything on [email protected] . We will look into it according with care and advice you appropriately while ensuring equity in treatment as well as compliance with applicable laws & regulations.

Earn and trade also understands that there may arise unique circumstances which call for different actions altogether other than those stated in our policy. However much these operations may be anchored around standard policies; they still leave room open for dealing with specials within certain limits recognized by law. Therefore any attempt towards finding resolutions which are mutually advantageous should be encouraged through communication.

Promotional offers or Clearance sales:

All return policies apply equally on gift cards purchased through promotional offers or clearance sales as they do when buying such items at regular prices ,the same applies regarding exchanges too . This means no matter how cheaply one might have acquired this thing ,there won’t be any chance given back after being sold out except technical errors committed by Earn and Trade. Therefore, our clients are advised to recheck their orders before making payments so that they can be contented with what they have chosen initially. For more information concerning promotional or clearance gift cards please contact [email protected].


Change of thoughts:

We apologize but once bought there are no returns nor exchanges allowed for change of mind when it comes to gift cards at Earn and Trade. This is because as soon as someone buys any gift card from us it becomes final; hence we do not offer refunds or swaps in such cases unless if there was a technical error on our side during purchase process. Therefore, it’s advisable for all customers who want to buy these items with us to think twice before completing their transactions because once they finish buying the product then that’s it. In case anyone has questions about purchasing them then feel free emailing [email protected].

Earn and trade regrets however much we understand that things may change sometimes but still we must stick to what have been set up already so that everybody is treated equally in whatever situation they might find themselves into. Thank you for your understanding cooperation towards this matter; may our team always serve you well throughout your positive experience while using our services.

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