How points work

How do I get points?

You earn points by completing offers on Earn and Trade. It’s things you already do everyday, like signing up for free trials or shopping with your favorite brands. Visit the earn tab to get started.

What are pending points?

When you complete an offer, you’ll get pending points after about 2 days. Your pending points will become available after 10-30 days (due to returns, points earned from shopping typically take 30 days). View your points in your profile page.

How do I use my points?

Once your points are available you can trade them in for gift cards or cash (via PayPal). Check them out on the trade tab.

How can I view my points?

You can view all your points and transaction history in your profile page.

Where are my points?

If you believe you’re missing points that you earned, then you can report a mistake here.


Refer your friends

Earn 100 points when your
friend signs up using your link.
You can refer up to 4 friends.

Delete Your Account?

This action is permanent. All earned points
will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.
Delete Account

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