12 Best Gift Cards for Teens Tested by Teens (2024)

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Picture of Author: Jodie Collins

Author: Jodie Collins

Head Editor and Gift Card review expert

Picture of Tester: Amelia Anderson

Tester: Amelia Anderson

Teen Product Tester and Editor

Best gift cards for teens

Best Gift Cards for Teens

Being firmly established in the gift card industry, I’ve scoured all available options and curated this list of the top gift cards for teens. We’re eager to share our insights on the best gift cards for teens with different interests or hobbies, all based on rigorous testing by our team of teen experts.

These specific gift cards have been identified as some of the finest by our teenage testers, who put in extensive effort before finalizing this selection. They conducted surveys; analyzed various market trends and customer behaviors; took into account their own experiences as consumers themselves – so trust us when we say that these are some of the best gift cards out there for Teens.

Our Picks for the Best Gift Cards for Teens in Detail

Best Gift Card for Teens: H&M Gift Card

About an H&M Gift Card

As a parent, I’ve noticed that my teens have very strange taste. It can be quite perplexing. But their fashion senses don’t lie – they’re always on top of the latest trends. So when we’re looking for a gift card to snag them, we know H&M is the go-to choice. With such a grand name in the industry and with its affordable prices, H&M is the perfect place for young people to explore their sense of style with clothing. This store offers everything from tops and bottoms to accessories without breaking our banks or theirs. By giving them this gift card, we’ll allow them to pick out their own outfits and boost their confidence by letting them test out new styles that make them feel good about themselves. We won’t always understand what they choose or why they chose it – but at least they’ll look good doing it!


  • Wide range of stylish and affordable clothing options
  • Allows teens to express their unique sense of style and boost confidence


  • Limited to H&M’s selection of clothing and accessories
  • Requires visiting a physical H&M store or shopping online specifically at H&M’s website

What our testers say:

“I put my $50 H&M gift card to use and decided to buy something from the H&M Conscious Collection. I purchased a pleated midi skirt. It costed around $45. That’s a hefty price for any single piece of clothing, especially one that is so plain looking. But it is good to know that H&M has been committed to making eco-friendly clothes. I loved it and was later told how cute it was! Not only that, but it also makes me feel better about supporting sustainable fashion.”

Tester Score:

Utility: 5/5 – The gift cards can be utilized at H&M where there is a wide selection of trendy clothes and accessories sold at cheap prices. This means that those who are still in their teens and want to look more fashionable for different occasions could find it very handy.

Flexibility: 4/5 – Since the company has many kinds of fashion clothing including sizes and accessories, people can have a lot of choices on how they would like to express themselves through style or keep up with current trends in this industry.

Appeal to Teens: 5/5 – This Swedish multinational retail-clothing brand knows what young adults want – fashionable designs at affordable rates with an edgy fresh feel. It’s no wonder teenagers are so attracted towards Hennes & Mauritz; they love being stylishly dressed while keeping track of all latest clothes’ fads!

Brand Reputation: 4.9/5 – Known worldwide as one among biggest names within fast-fashion sector, few companies inspire such loyalty among trendsetters than HM does. But there might arise certain worries among teenagers about sustainable development or ethical business practices tied up with this particular firm.

Overall Score: 4.72

Best Gift Card for Beauty and Cosmetics: Ulta Gift Card

About an Ulta Gift Card

The Ulta Gift Card is a no-brainer for our beauty-conscious teens. It’s like stepping into a beauty wonderland where you can find everything your face needs to look and smell good. Ulta stocks the most well-rounded selection of skin care, makeup, hair products and perfume in existence. The gift card will be liberating for them as it’s an all-access ticket into this new world of beauty they’re about to discover. In there they’ll find products that have been on shelves forever, and also things that hit the market last week. It’s their job now to put two and two together and figure out which ones work best for them. Whether they want something that’s stood the test of time or something slightly innovative yet very trendy, Ulta has it all. This gift card is going to unlock a whole new level of self-expression and self-discovery for our youth, so let’s just hope we don’t regret it when they start including their newest high-end bath bomb into every other Instagram picture.


  • Comprehensive range of skincare, makeup, haircare, and fragrance products
  • Allows teens to experiment, express individuality, and enhance natural beauty


  • Limited to Ulta’s selection of beauty products and brands
  • Requires visiting a physical Ulta store or shopping online specifically at Ulta’s website

What our testers say:

“Exploring Ulta using a $50 gift card was a beauty-filled adventure. I opted for the Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette, spending $54 for a stunning range of rosy hues. My friends raved, ‘The Naked3 palette is a game-changer; the colors are so versatile, and the pigmentation is amazing.’ It’s a fantastic way for any teenager to experiment with makeup and express their individuality through quality products available at Ulta.”

Tester Score:

Practicality: 5/5 – Ulta deals with a lot of beauty stuff that includes makeups, skincares, haircare and perfumes in general thus making their gift cards very practical for teenagers who like experimenting with different beauty products to express themselves through style and preference.

Multiplicity: 5/5 – Ulta has got so many brands and products in store which varies from drugstore’s favourite to high-end luxury items giving the person who receives them a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to exploring new beauty trends or must-have products.

Teenage Appeal: 4/5 – For any teenage girl interested in makeup, skincare or self-care generally; this is the place. Ulta knows exactly what these kids want by being one-stop shops for all their needs on personal grooming as well as enhancing confidence and self-expression through various beauty related activities such as trying out different looks etc.

Brand Name Reputation: 4.9/5 – Being recognized widely across the world as one among bestsellers within its industry; Ulta does not disappoint in terms selection scope , pricing affordability levels together with customer care service delivery. Nevertheless, some teenagers might worry about availability issues surrounding specific niche or indie beauty brands.

Overall Score: 4.68

Best Gift Card for Online Shopping: Amazon Gift Card

About an Amazon Gift Card

As the progenitor of technologically aware adolescents, I’m well aware that Amazon Gift Cards are the optimal pick when it comes to online shopping convenience and boundless possibilities. Amazon is a marketplace unmatched in its vast spectrum of product options spanning across numerous categories such as electronics, books, fashion, and home decor. Our teens can relish in an effortless shopping experience by simply browsing through countless items and having them delivered directly to our doorsteps. This gift card awards our children the autonomy needed to uncover their hobbies and shop for what they deeply desire without ever leaving our virtual environment.


  • Unparalleled selection of products across various categories
  • Convenient and seamless online shopping experience


  • Limited to online shopping on Amazon’s platform
  • Potential for overspending or impulse buying due to the vast selection

What our testers say:

“Browsing through Amazon, I came across a fantastic discovery. The Instant Pot Duo 6-Quart. It was of great value as it cost only $89. This amazing device that I found on my journey to find the best kitchen gadgets has already been a game-changer in my families home. As a teenager this Instant Pot has made cooking so much easier; it’s like magic. It is evident that Amazon has proven to be an excellent source for busy families looking for practical and innovative products.”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 4/5 – Amazon is very practical because it has many products that can be bought in the form of electronics, books, clothes and more which are also ideal when it comes to me since teenagers like gifts where they can get whatever they want or need from here.

Flexibility/Options: 5/5 – They have such a wide range of things to offer on their site ranging from common necessities even up to those rare finds and trendy gadgets that I could spend forever just looking at different items based off my hobbies alone.

Appeal to Teens: 5/5 – As a teenager who loves convenience and affordability while shopping online, nothing beats Amazon’s fast shipping service combined with its vast selection all sold at competitive prices.

Brand Reputation: 4.9/5 – Everyone knows this company is trustworthy thanks in part due its reliability as well customer service but they’re also known for being innovative too; still though some teens may worry about sustainability or labor practices associated with them.

Overall Score: 4.68

Best Gift Card for Fast Food and Dining: Domino's Pizza Gift Card

About a Domino's Pizza Gift Card

When it comes to appeasing a teenager’s stomach rumble, the Domino’s Pizza Gift Card is the way to go. The taste of a good Domino pizza will never be replicated, and their plethora of delightful sides only adds to that fact. Give your teenager this gift card so they can have all of their favorite pizzas alongside their friends. The online orders and mobile app pick-up options the fast food chain offers makes it as easy as possible for them to eat whenever they’re hungry. It doesn’t get better than that!


  • Satisfies cravings for delicious fast food
  • Wide variety of mouthwatering pizzas and sides


  • Limited to Domino’s Pizza menu options
  • Potential for overconsumption of fast food if not balanced with a healthy diet

What our testers say:

“To please my taste buds with fast food, Domino’s Pizza Gift Card is the ticket. This kicks off with their famous pizzas that keeps people coming back for more and a selection of great sides. With this gift card, my friends and I enjoyed our favorite pizza and flavorful dining experience seamlessly. The convenience of ordering online or through the mobile app makes it easy for them to satisfy hunger cravings quickly without delay. Enjoy!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 5/5 – As a teenager that’s always on the go, Dominos Pizza is my favorite place to eat. I can hang out with friends and grab a bite or have a quick meal if I’m home alone watching movies etc.

Flexibility/Options: 4/5 – Even though they are primarily known for pizza, Dominos also has sides, desserts and drinks which give me some choices to customize my order around what I like. However their menu might not be as varied as other restaurants that offer many different types of food.

Appeal to Teens: 5/5 – What makes this brand so attractive for me as well as all other teenagers is their yummy pizzas which are cheap and can be delivered fast or picked up easily from anywhere in town when we want something quick convenient and fun!

Brand Reputation : 4.7/5 – Dominos Pizza is a very popular pizza place that most people trust because they make good quality pizzas, deliver them quickly using only fresh ingredients so it tastes great every time you eat there!

Overall Score: 4.61

Best Gift Card for Gaming Enthusiasts: Gamestop Gift Card

About a GameStop Gift Card

Enthusiastic gamers are always hard to shop for. That’s why there’s Gamestop Gift Cards, because when your teen is a gaming fanatic, what else can you really get them besides more games? Gamestop is one of the leading retailers that specializes in video games! With this gift card, they can explore through thousands upon thousands of different video game options ranging from new releases to the classics that we all know and love. Not only are they getting a nice little care package filled with discs and cartridges – but they’re also enhancing their whole entire gaming experience. They’ll be able to connect with friends online through immersive gameplay which let’s be honest… sometimes feels like real life. The gift card gives them endless possibilities on adventures, action packed quests and strategic challenges!


  • Vast selection of video games, consoles, and gaming accessories
  • Allows teens to enhance their gaming experience and connect with friends


  • Limited to purchases at Gamestop stores or online
  • Potential for overspending on gaming-related items

What our testers say:

“Diving into the gaming world using my $50 GameStop gift card was an exciting venture. I decided on the latest release, ‘Elden Ring’ for PlayStation 5, spending $59.99. This action-packed RPG is very captivated, and playing with my friends online I recalled saying, ‘Elden Ring is a gaming masterpiece; the graphics and storyline are mind-blowing.’ GameStop truly delivers the latest and greatest in gaming, providing an immersive experience for enthusiasts like myself.”

Tester Score:

Functional Value: 5/5 — Gamestop has a broad range of products like video games, consoles, accessories and merchandise so it’s convenient for me as a gaming enthusiast teenager who likes to buy newly released games or the latest gadgets to add my gaming setup.

Flexibility/Options: 5/5 — There are many different kinds of games available in various genres and platforms at GameStop; they also stock gaming peripherals; collectibles & digital content thus giving me multiple options to choose from depending on what caters for my taste when it comes down to playing video games.

Teen Appeal: 4/5 — What I love most about GameStop is their Exclusive Offers which are quite popular among my peers too since we all share an immense passion towards this form of entertainment. It is indeed a place where you can find out new stuff about the games that have been recently developed and even meet other individuals who have similar interests as yours.

Brand Recognition: 4.2/5 — Being one of the biggest names when it comes to retailing video game items Game stop enjoys a good reputation due its wide selection of titles coupled with highly knowledgeable staffs plus consumer-centered focus though some teenagers may be skeptical about pricing or trade in values associated with them.

Overall Score: 4.55

Best Gift Card for Entertainment and Dining: Dave & Busters Gift Card

About a Dave & Busters Gift Card

When it comes to giving our youngsters a good time and a full belly, the Dave & Buster’s Gift Card is king. This place is popular for its arcade games and virtual reality shorts, not to mention their menu of scrumptious plates and drinks. You won’t see our teens having this much fun anywhere else! Our young ones will love everything about this gift card— from the variety of games they’re able to play, all the way down to the finger-licking food options. Whether it be for a birthday bash or just some casual hangout time with friends, this card is sure to give teenagers memories they’ll never forget.


  • Offers a unique combination of arcade games, virtual reality experiences, and dining
  • Provides a fun-filled and memorable experience for teens


  • Limited to use at Dave & Buster’s locations
  • May require additional spending on food and beverages beyond the gift card amount

What our testers say:

“Venturing into fun and games with my school friends using my $50 Dave & Buster’s gift card was a blast. We decided on the Power Tap wristband for $20, unlocking a realm of exciting arcade experiences. I enthusiastically shared, ‘The Power Tap wristband transformed our visit; we played games seamlessly without fumbling for tokens. It’s a game-changer for maximizing the Dave & Buster’s arcade adventure.’ Dave & Buster’s offers a dynamic and entertaining experience for teens, making every visit memorable.”

Tester Score:

Practicality: 4/5 – Dave & Buster’s combines arcades, food, and drinks — so their gift cards are useful for me as a teenager who likes to hang out with friends while doing something fun.

Options: 4.1/5 – There are various arcade games offered at Dave & Buster’s along with virtual reality experiences and places to eat. However, this may not be as many options as other places that offer more activities in general.

Teen Appeal: 5/5 – I love going to Dave & Buster’s with my friends because of the energetic environment they have there — also all those video games! They’ve even got appetizers, burgers, and desserts on their menu which is perfect for any social gathering or celebration among us teens.

Brand Reputation: 4.9/5 – Dave & Buster’s is an established name in the restaurant business and entertainment industry overall. Their unique concept sets them apart from other competitors while providing immersive gaming experiences that create memories people cherish forever.

Overall Score: 4.5

Best Gift Card for Ride Sharing: Lyft Gift Card

About a Lyft Gift Card

For parents who worry, the Lyft Gift Card is perfect for our teenagers when they’re out and about. It’s a trusted service that will give them a reliable ride with just a few taps on their phone. With the Lyft Gift Card, teens can get to where they need to be without feeling trapped somewhere unfamiliar. As a parent you will feel secure knowing your kid made it to their destination safely and efficiently. No more waiting around or asking favors from other people’s parents, this gift card gives them the freedom to travel as they please. Whether it’s for school, extracurriculars, or hanging out with friends — the Lyft Gift Card makes sure your teen knows how to get there and back home like a champ.


  • Convenient and reliable transportation with just a few taps on a smartphone
  • Provides peace of mind for parents and gives teens the freedom to travel independently


  • Limited to use for Lyft rides only
  • Availability may vary depending on the location

What our testers say:

“Getting around the city is never peaceful, especially with a teenager. Thankfully, I had a $50 Lyft gift card to use on our journey. We decided on the Lyft XL ride option and spent $35 for a roomy and comfortable trip through the bustling streets. My teenager later expressed that “The Lyft XL ride was perfect for our group; it was quick, comfortable, and saved us from the hassle of public transportation.” Once again, Lyft proved its reliability and efficiency as an effortless mode of travel within the city.”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 5/5 – As a teenager, I find Lyft very useful and practical because it is convenient for me. It’s a reliable ride-sharing service that takes care of all my transportation needs around town, be it school or social events or any other thing that I want to do.

Flexibility/Options: 4.7/5 – Lyft has its presence in many cities which gives it an advantage over other companies as there are more options available when choosing types of rides like Lyft, Lyft XL or even Lux. However this being said some places might not have certain types of rides available at all times due to demand.

Appeal to Teens: 4/5 – The reason why most teenagers love using this service is mainly because the app itself is very user-friendly plus it comes with safety features such as reminders about wearing seatbelts which can help one feel safe during their journey but still affordable too so you can see why friends would choose them right.

Brand Reputation: 4.1/5 – Everyone knows and respects Lyft for their good work within the industry since they have been able to maintain high safety standards while offering excellent customer service together with community involvement so much that young people look up to this brand

Overall Score: 4.45

Best Gift Card for Coffee Lovers: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gift Card

About a the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gift Card

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift card is perfect for the Java-loving Go-Getter who loves the smell of fresh grounds in the morning and appreciates a well-rounded, quality cup of Joe. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is famous for their top-tier teas and coffees so this gift card will be sure to please even the pickiest sippers with its wide variety of aromatic coffees, refreshing herbal teas, and sugar-jacking pastries that no one can resist. This gift card provides the opportunity for our teen to sip on their favorite drinks while enjoying a cozy moment or fuel up for a big day! Whether they like a simple roast or if they’re more into flavors than coffee itself, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has everything our teens need to keep their caffeine levels high and their moods higher.


  • Access to premium-quality coffee and tea beverages
  • Wide selection of aromatic drinks and delectable pastries


  • Limited to use at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations only
  • Availability may vary depending on the location

What our testers say:

“Tasting flavors at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is an awesome time. I used the coffee bean gift card worth $20 to get all of our drinks this time. We chose the Winter Dream Tea Latte from their seasonal menu, which only cost us $4.95. It’s a warm and cozy drink that reminds you of Christmas. The spices and tea mix together so well. It’s super tasty for teens who are just looking to enjoy their day with some good company and drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.”

Tester Score:

Utility: 5/5 – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift card is very useful to me because I can use it for buying premium coffee or tea drinks of my choice and delicious pastries as well when I am with friends, studying alone or just chilling.

Flexibility/Options: 4.65/5 – Although The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf serves mostly coffee and tea drinks they do have some customization options available such as different types of milk (almond, soy etc.), sugars/syrups and flavors so you can make your drink exactly how you like it – though their menu may be more limited compared to other places with bigger menus.

Appeal to Teens: 4/5 – The warm/cozy vibes mixed with the hip/trendy drinks at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf really speak to me and my friends sick spot to catch up or just chill over some snapchat stories

Brand Reputation: 4/5 – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a well-known American brand that takes pride in its quality product service as well as commitment towards sustainability while engaging communities around them too being an international chain store this only enhances their image amongst teenagers such like myself who love everything about this place

Overall Score: 4.41

Best Gift Card for Sports Enthusiasts: Adidas Gift Card

About an Adidas Gift Card

Adidas Gift Card is our go-to for our teens who are all about athletics and sports. This brand is known worldwide and has the best sports apparel, footwear, and accessories around. Our teens will have a blast sifting through all of their options that combine style, comfort and performance. Whether they’re into running or basketball or even soccer, this gift card will give them the chance to go out there in the field or court and look good too. They can get cool sneakers or some impressive workout gear with this gift card. Adidas offers something for everyone in any sport – they’ll find everything they need to express themselves while playing their favorite game all while looking as trendy as ever; if not trendier.


  • Access to high-quality sports apparel, footwear, and accessories
  • Wide range of options for various sports and activities


  • Limited to use at Adidas stores or online
  • Prices of certain items may be higher compared to other brands

What our testers say:

“My Adidas gift card was worth $50. So we decided to purchase the Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers costing us $80 but we went for it since it was a timeless and iconic footwear that could be used with many outfits. I had this whole speech on why those sneakers are amazing, he said “The Superstar sneakers are not just shoes; they’re a fashion statement. Comfort meets style in every step” Whether we were going out casually or playing sports, it’s obvious that Adidas is the go-to brand for trendy and comfortable footwear.”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 4.8/5 – An Adidas gift card is great because it can be used to buy any sports gear or clothing that suits me for every single activity thus making me comfortable when undertaking them.

Flexibility/Options: 4.5/5 – They sell shoes, clothes, and equipment for different games or exercises which means there’s a lot of things I can choose from depending on what I like most or need at the moment therefore giving me variety.

Appeal to Teens: 4/5 – Teenagers love Adidas due to its fashionable designs as well as partnerships with famous people in sports and street fashion such that even myself find it awesome. Moreover, being stylish but still able to perform better is what many young individuals are looking forward into thus making this brand their number one choice.

Brand Reputation: 4/5 – Quality has always been associated with the name “Adidas” since time immemorial hence becoming one among top sportswear brands known worldwide. This alone makes them highly credible especially when athletes and other celebrities endorse their products which automatically increases demand levels among youths.

Overall Score: 4.32

Best Gift Card for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Bass Pro Shop Gift Card

About a Bass Pro Shop Gift Card

Satisfy your teen’s adventurous side with the Bass Pro Shop Gift Card. If they’re always begging you for camping trips, fishing gear or hiking excursions, we’d say this card was made for them. At Bass Pro Shop, they specialize in outdoor goods and equipment — a teenager’s paradise! Our teens will have a wide variety of items to choose from on their next shopping spree. From unique fishing rods to cozy tents, there’s something for everyone here. The size of our gift cards doesn’t limit the amount of memories they can make in the wilderness! So encourage them to get out there and explore by giving them some extra spending money at Bass Pro Shop.


  • Access to a wide range of outdoor recreation products and gear
  • Provides opportunities for teens to connect with nature and pursue outdoor hobbies


  • Limited to use at Bass Pro Shop stores or online
  • Some items may be expensive, depending on the brand and quality

What our testers say:

“The Bass Pro Shop is one of the best places for outdoor gear and equipment. With their gift card, I shopped around for all sorts of stuff like hiking boots, camping tents, and fishing rods. This kind of freedom gave me the chance to hit the trail. Even if nothing else comes from this gift card other than a nice walk in nature, it’s still worth it.”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 4.75/5 – As an outdoor enthusiast, I find a Bass Pro Shop gift card to be very useful since it can be used for fishing, hunting, camping or hiking gear and clothing among other things that are essential when having adventures in the wild.

Flexibility/Options: 4.5/5 – Given that this store offers such an extensive variety of products including but not limited to fishing poles and reels, bait casters (both modern and traditional), rods with different actions etc., there is no doubt whatsoever about the fact that here one has plenty of options where they can choose from while looking for something suitable according to their personal taste preference related with any kind outdoor activity they may be involved into at the moment.

Appeal to Teens: 4/5 – Although it might not seem so trendy or popular among teenagers due its nature theme as well as being focused on various kinds out-door sports/recreational activities; still the truth remains that many young people find Bass Pro Shop interesting because these places offer them chance get closer nature which always new experiences city life cannot provide.

Brand Reputation: 4/5 – There is no denying that Bass Pro Shop has earned itself a good name over time; this company is known for selling quality goods which are worth every penny spent on them. Apart from only stocking best brands around when comes down providing people with what they need – whether knowledge through education programs such as conservation camps or equipment like tents etc., everything available at BPS will serve well all purposes thus making customers feel satisfied even after spending more than intended amount of money there.

Overall Score: 4.31

Best Gift Card for Tech Enthusiasts: Best Buy Gift Card

About a Best Buy Gift Card

As a parent of teenagers who are way too good with cell phones and televisions, the Best Buy Gift Card is it. Best Buy has everything they need to power their gaming systems, laptops, and smartphones. Whether they want to browse new iPhones or invest in a camera that actually takes photos instead of blurs, this gift card is the move. Not saying we’re raising little entrepreneurs here, but if — hypothetically speaking — our kids wanted to start creating content for money, this would be a step in the right direction. From building supercomputers to maxing out their servers on Minecraft, all tech-savvy teenagers will appreciate a gift card from Best Buy.


  • Wide selection of technology products and brands
  • Provides opportunities for teens to stay updated with the latest gadgets and electronics


  • Limited to use at Best Buy stores or online
  • Some high-end items may be expensive and out of budget for some teens

What our testers say:

“With my $100 Best Buy gift card I decided to buy the Apple AirPods Pro, paying $249.99 for the premium audio experience. The AirPods Pro are revolutionary. You can listen to music or study in peace with its noise cancellation system. Best Buy is still the best place for cutting-edge technology and products that improve our everyday lives, giving customers what they want for years on end.”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 4.5/5 – To me, as a teenager, I find Best Buy gift cards very useful because with it I can buy almost any electronic devices that I want or need like smart phones, laptops, gaming consoles, headphones and movies for both practical and entertainment purposes.

Flexibility/Options: 4.5/5 – For this reason being able to choose from a wide range of electronics, appliances, home theater systems and gaming categories given that they are products from top brands is what makes shopping at Best Buy so great- there are many options available which ensures that whatever it is that I am looking for can be found.

Appeal to Teens: 4/5 – As a teenager who wants to keep up with the latest technology trends while also getting involved in immersive experiences through entertainment systems such as those offered by gaming consoles; then this store has got everything covered! They stock their shelves with various items including but not limited to; tech gadgets (both old and new), gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox one series along side other things like dvd players etcetera so no matter how much you know about computers this place has something which will catch your eye!

Brand Reputation: 4/5 – Best Buy is known throughout the world as one of the leading retailers when it comes too electronics – not only does their product range cover all bases but also staff members are knowledgeable plus customer service representatives always seem ready willing able- however some teenagers may have had bad pricing experiences either from doing business here before or hearing others talk negatively about them

Overall Score: 4.25

Best Gift Card for Food Delivery: Doordash Gift Card

About a Doordash Gift Card

When our teens find themselves in desperate need of some tasty grub, they’ll be glad to know that the DoorDash Gift Card exists. This savory service is at the forefront of delivery and has partnered up with a cornucopia of restaurants, allowing for a wide variety of flavors for their taste buds to dance with. With this gift card, you’ll be able to order that delicious pizza, those scrumptious snacks, or perhaps those heavenly desserts straight from your preferred local eatery. It’s never been easier to get restaurant-quality food sent straight to your doorstep! Whether it’s midnight munchies, a weekend reward, or maybe even just a quick bite while studying; The DoorDash Gift Card will ensure our teens never go hungry.


  • Access to a wide range of restaurant options and cuisines
  • Convenient and easy way for teens to order food from their favorite local eateries


  • Limited to use on the DoorDash platform
  • Delivery fees and service charges may apply, potentially increasing the overall cost of the order

What our testers say:

“I had a great time using up the $30 DoorDash gift card to eat. I ordered from my favorite local food spot, spending just $25 on a delicious sushi platter. DoorDash is so clutch. I got the food we wanted without having to leave the house. They always seem to have something that everyone will like!”

Tester Score:

Usefulness: 4/5 – The reason why a DoorDash gift card is very useful for me as a teenager is that it allows me to get different meals from various local and international restaurants without leaving my house.

Variety: 4.5/5 – I love the fact that with DoorDash, I can choose what to eat from many places. This includes different cuisines, dietary needs or price ranges. It lets me try out new dining experiences right at home.

Appeal to Teens: 4/5 – The DoorDash app is really easy to use; it’s perfect for teens who want something quick but also tasty. If you’re like me and love variety then this platform will definitely hit the spot – there are so many options! Whenever my friends or I get hungry, we just grab our phones and within minutes our cravings are satisfied.

Brand Popularity: 4/5 – Everyone knows about DoorDash because they partner with so many restaurants which makes it super convenient. One issue some may have though is delivery fees being too high or not getting their order right every time especially if they’re still young like us.!

Overall Score: 4.12

How we tested the Best Gift Cards for Teens

Gifting the perfect gift card for our teens can be a tough task. As parents of teenagers, it seems like the stakes are even higher! They want something that makes them happy while still aligning with their interests and needs.

And we understand! We want to give them what they want, too. So our team tested, reviewed, and selected 12 gift cards as the best for teens in 2024. Here’s how we came up with this list of the Best Gift Cards for Teens:

Starting with versatility. Teenagers change all the time (especially their hobbies). So we wanted a one-size-fits-all type deal here. Each card here caters to different preferences, from fashion and beauty to gaming and technology (spoiler: there’s more!). By giving them all of these options, we hope that they’ll find exactly what they’re passionate about.

Next up is accessibility and convenience. We live in an age where everything moves fast — like really fast. So we focused on providing our teenagers with easy ways to access their favorite things. Every single card here can be redeemed online or through mobile apps, which means they can shop wherever and whenever they want… without leaving the couch.

But let’s also talk about trustworthiness. Shopping online can be sketchy sometimes (“I swear I didn’t buy anything” says my credit card statement every month!) especially when you’re young. And there’s nothing worse than cherry picking your dream item just for your credit card info to get stolen (again). Ugh! That being said, every gift card selected comes from well-established brands with long lists of happy customers.

Lastly — Value and flexibility were important factors during this selection process as well. No one wants a $5 gift card right? These cards cater to different budget ranges so that everyone gets the most value possible out of each purchase.

There you have it – the 12 best gift cards for teenagers in 2024. We know kids can be a little picky sometimes… okay, maybe all of the time… but how can they resist these options?! Whether it’s their birthday or just a regular Tuesday night, we think this list is full of choices that will really light up their faces. These bad boys help them explore new opportunities — so let’s give them what they want.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In the end, we parents of tech-savvy and fashion-forward teens came up with 12 gift cards that absolutely blow all others away in 2024. We know our kids best, and we’ve taken every step to curate something thoughtful.

H&M takes the cake when it comes to cheap and trendy clothes. With their affordable options, our kids can always have something fresh in their closets. Any beauty-conscious teen will be delighted with an Ulta Gift Card – they’ll be able to choose from a vast selection of skincare, makeup, and haircare products.

If online shopping is more their speed (and what kid doesn’t adore online shopping?), you can’t go wrong with the Amazon Gift Card. With millions of potential purchases across categories, they’re guaranteed to find something they love. If fast food is more their thing on the other hand, Domino’s Pizza is always a safe bet – mouthwatering pizzas and sides all but guarantee a satisfied stomach.

Gamestop has always been THE place for video games, so why not grab a Gamestop Gift Card? They can choose from hundreds of options for almost any console or accessory. And if they don’t want to game alone, there’s always Dave & Buster’s: unforgettable arcade fun paired with delicious treats.

And how will our kids get anywhere? Well if your kid’s anything like mine, their plans usually involve some sort of transportation – whether it be Uber-ing around town or hailing a Lyft to hang out with friends at night. So why not make life easier (and give us some peace of mind) by gifting them a Lyft Gift Card? Now they can travel independently without us having to worry about them getting home safely.

Is your kid an early morning coffee drinker? The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the best choice! They offer plenty of coffees and teas to jumpstart even the most tired eyes. For athletic or outdoorsy kids, Bass Pro Shop and Adidas are perfect options. Both stores cater to active lifestyles and offer top-quality gear. Finally, our kids will always be able to rely on Best Buy for their tech needs. They can find just about any cutting-edge device there.

Lastly, the DoorDash Gift Card is the best for food delivery to enjoy restaurant-quality food without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Kids love being lazy – especially on special occasions when they get gifts like these!

We can’t wait to see our kids’ faces once they open these bad boys up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Gift Cards for Teens

What are the best gift cards for teens in 2024?

The best gifts for teens in 2024 will be H&M Gift Cards, Ulta Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Domino’s Pizza Gift Cards, Gamestop Gift Cards, Dave & Buster’s Gift Card, Lyft Gift Card, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gift Card, Adidas Gift Card , Bass Pro Shop Gift Card , Best Buy Gift Card and DoorDash.

Which gift cards offer a wide range of options for teenagers?

Teenagers have a very wide taste spectrum, so if you’re thinking of what to give them, it’s best to give them options. The H&M Gift Card offers a huge variety in fashion choices. If they’re into beauty, the Ulta Gift Card is a great choice. Amazon and Best Buy are known to have everything that anyone could possibly want, so those two alone offer enough options for them to choose from. If they love gaming, Gamestop will definitely be their paradise. And if they like to get their grub on while having fun with friends, Dave & Buster’s is the perfect spot to do so.

Where can teens easily redeem gift cards online or through mobile apps?

With the Amazon Gift Card, H&M Gift Card, Ulta Gift Card, Gamestop Gift Card and Dave & Buster’s Gift Card teens can conveniently get what they like either by redeeming these cards online or through mobile apps. All these retailers have platforms that allow browsing and purchasing of desired items or services on phone.

How can teens maximize the value and flexibility of their gift cards?

Teens can maximize the value and flexibility of their gift cards by taking advantage of discounts, special promotions, or rewards programs offered by retailers. They can also carefully consider their interests and preferences to choose a gift card that aligns with their needs and desires, ensuring they make the most of their chosen items or experiences.

What are the best gift cards for fashion and apparel for teenagers?

The prime present for teenagers with a devoted heart to fashion is the H&M Gift Card. The fashion retailer is wildly known and offers and wide range of clothes, all ranging from stylish too affordable. Kids are able to explore a vast amount of clothing options with this gift card, thus allowing them to express themselves in any way they please.

Where can teens find the best gift cards for gaming enthusiasts?

Teens can nab the top gift cards for video game enthusiasts with the Gamestop Gift Card. A home to all things gaming, consoles and accessories, too! The teens in your life can enjoy a world of options with this card. They can play tons of games, improve their experience or even get lost and connected through gameplay. Whether they’re into action and adventure or need something more strategic, the Gamestop Gift Card has endless possibilities to keep them entertained.

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