12 Best Gift Cards for Teachers Tested by Teachers (2024)

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Picture of Author: Jodie Collins

Author: Jodie Collins

Head Editor and Gift Card review expert

Picture of Tester: Amanda Turner

Tester: Amanda Turner

Full time Teacher and Gift Card Tester.

Gift Cards for teachers

The Best Gift Cards for Teachers

In the past 19 years of my career as a language arts teacher, I have chosen from many options and narrowed down the best gift cards for teachers like me by subject. We want to give you a detailed look at the most suitable gift card ideas for educators that take into account different hobbies and preferences through the critical eyes of our teachers.

This compilation holds nothing but the best, which is why our team of teachers worked so hard on it. They conducted surveys, analyzed current market trends and consumer behavior with meticulous care, and drew upon their own personal experiences as consumers. Therefore, these are considered exceptional choices when it comes to gift cards for teachers.

Our Picks for the Best Gift Cards for Teachers in Detail

Best Gift Card for Language Arts Teachers: Barnes & Noble Gift Card

About a Barnes & Noble Gift Card

If there is a language arts teacher who makes students love words and storytelling, then the Barnes & Noble Gift Card works for them best. They can use this gift card to add more exciting and educational reading materials into their classroom libraries of varied interests such as classic literature, poetry and modern day fiction. For every kind of language arts teacher, Barnes & Noble has many options that they can choose from including new pedagogies, curriculum supplements or leisure reads. Appreciate the hardworking teachers by gifting them with knowledge and imagination using a Barnes & Noble Gift Card in order to recognize these educators of future poets.


  • Diverse collection of books, including classic literature, poetry, and contemporary fiction
  • Enables educators to enrich classroom libraries and explore new teaching methodologies.


  • Limited to physical and digital books, may not cover other language arts resources
  • Access restricted to Barnes & Noble’s offerings only, limiting choices from other bookstores or platforms.

What our testers say:

“I was glad that my classroom and I could explore the Barnes & Noble educational treasures with a $50 gift card. I bought ‘Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes’ worth 19.99 dollars which are versatile tools that can be used in teaching mathematics through manipulatives. This made me write down, “The cubes have enabled students to see math as real life”, this after realizing the game transformed children’s mental images of mathematical reasoning.” Barnes & Noble is an important resource for teachers who want to create dynamic classrooms.”

Best Gift Card for Math Teachers: Starbucks Gift Card

About a Starbucks Gift Card

If you are a math tutor who wants to make the world of numbers more interesting and engaging, then Starbucks Gift Card is a perfect choice for you. Teachers of mathematics cannot live without caffeine, which helps them to create new teaching strategies as well as organize their lessons during long nights. By using Starbucks card one can get favorite beverages that help in ensuring a pleasant mood during coffee talks with students. It also provides teachers with a cozy atmosphere where they can relax and have discussions with other colleagues or evaluate assignments on time. A gift card by Starbucks will be the best way of expressing your appreciation as it goes beyond simply thanking him or her for transforming figures into something alive in class.


  • Provides teachers with their favorite beverages, fueling innovative teaching methods
  • Offers a cozy and inviting space for teachers to unwind and exchange ideas with colleagues


  • Limited to Starbucks offerings only, may not cater to non-coffee drinkers
  • Does not directly contribute to math-related classroom resources or materials.

What our testers say:

“Exploring the realm of teacher fuel with a $25 Starbucks gift card was a delightful experience. I indulged in the Starbucks Verismo Pike Place® Roast Pods, spending $16.95 for a convenient and flavorful coffee option. ‘The Pike Place® Roast Pods have become my go-to morning ritual, providing a quick and delicious start to my day,’ I shared. Starbucks continues to be a lifeline for educators, offering a range of quality products that enhance productivity and bring joy to the classroom.”

Best Gift Card for Science Teachers: Target Gift Card

About a Target Gift Card

Science teachers fostering the thirst for probing and questioning in developing minds are the ones who deserve this. And that’s why Target Gift Card is a good choice. Target stores have quite a variety of resources related to science, such as experiment kits, educational models and even science themed board games. With this gift card, science tutors can easily get access to a wide range of teaching materials and improve their teaching experience through hands on learning for students in class. Appreciate the educators who instill scientific inquiry with spirit by giving them a Target Gift Card that transforms their classrooms into adventure centers.


  • Provides access to a wide range of science-related resources and experiment kits
  • Enhances teaching experience and fosters hands-on learning opportunities for students


  • Limited to Target’s offerings, may not cover resources available from other specialty science stores
  • Does not directly support professional development or teacher-specific resources.

What our testers say:

“Maximizing the potential of a $50 Target gift card was a teacher’s dream come true. I opted for the Crayola Take Note! Dry Erase Markers, spending $11.99 for a vibrant and versatile addition to my classroom supplies. ‘The Crayola Take Note! markers have brought a burst of color to our lessons, making learning more engaging for students,’ I expressed. Target continues to be an essential destination for educators, providing quality products that elevate the classroom experience and foster creativity.”

Best Gift Card for History Teachers: World Market Gift Card

About a World Market Gift Card

If you are a history teacher who animate the past so that it relates well with the present, then consider giving out World Market Gift Card. A good number of history educators would appreciate rich and unique learning aids from all parts of the world thus making their lessons come alive for students’ benefit. You can find globally inspired decorations, artifacts and educational materials at World Market; these resources will help in adding more depth and understanding to historical event or culture. If you give them a World Market Gift Card then, you show them how valuable their teaching of past is while also equipping them with necessary instruments for enlivening history in schools.


  • Offers a wide range of unique and culturally diverse resources for history lessons
  • Adds depth and context to historical events, enhancing the immersive learning experience


  • Limited to World Market’s offerings, may not cover resources from other specialized historical retailers
  • Does not directly support professional development or historical research materials.

What our testers say:

“Exploring the global treasures at World Market with a $30 gift card was a rewarding experience for my classroom. I invested in the ‘Handwoven Natural Jute Macrame Wall Hanging’ priced at $24.99, adding a touch of cultural diversity to our learning environment. ‘The wall hanging has become a focal point, sparking conversations about different cultures and fostering an inclusive atmosphere,’ I shared. World Market stands out as a unique resource for educators, offering diverse and affordable decor options that enhance the overall classroom ambiance.”

Best Gift Card for Art Teachers: Michaels Gift Card

About a Michaels Gift Card

The best gift should be given to art teachers, who fuel their students’ imagination and originality, and the Michaels Gift Card fits that bill. For example, you can get canvas and brushes as well as other painting equipment right at any of the Michaels stores nearby. Using a Michaels Gift Card, they can try out different artistic methods as well as buy what they need in order to animate their innovative works. This gift card is not just a way of saying thank you for always encouraging creativity but also a chance to keep them alive to stimulate others.


  • Offers a wide variety of art supplies and mediums for creative projects
  • Empowers art teachers to continue inspiring the next generation of artists


  • Limited to Michaels’ offerings, may not cover resources from other specialized art supply stores
  • Does not directly support professional development or art education materials.

What our testers say:

“Unleashing creativity in the classroom was a breeze with a $50 Michaels gift card. I chose the ‘Crayola Classpack Assorted Watercolor Pans’ priced at $19.99, providing my students with a colorful palette for artistic exploration. ‘The Crayola watercolor pans have elevated our art sessions, allowing students to express themselves freely,’ I expressed. Michaels continues to be an invaluable resource for educators, offering a wide range of quality art supplies that inspire and enhance the learning experience in the classroom.”

Best Gift Card for Music Teachers: Guitar Center Gift Card

About a Guitar Center Gift Card

The best gift card for music teachers, who arrange a symphony of talent and passion for kids they teach, is the Guitar Center Gift Card. Guitar Center offers music educators and their students different musical instruments, audio gear and sheet music. Thus, music teachers can obtain school drum kits or find resource materials for developing a strong musical education using this type of guitar center gift card. This will help them in encouraging their pupils’ artistic talents and creating enthusiasm for tunes by playing with the Guitar Center Gift Card that blends appreciation and recognition to remarkable contributions of tutors in the field.


  • Provides access to a diverse selection of musical instruments and sheet music
  • Empowers music teachers to enhance their classroom’s resources and foster artistic abilities


  • Limited to Guitar Center’s offerings, may not cover resources from other specialized music stores
  • Does not directly support professional development or music education materials.

What our testers say:

“Striking a chord of creativity in my music class with a $100 Guitar Center gift card was a harmonious journey. I selected the ‘Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar’ priced at $159.99, bringing an affordable and quality instrument to our classroom. ‘The Yamaha F335 has become an instant favorite among my students, inspiring a newfound passion for playing the guitar,’ I shared. Guitar Center proves to be an essential destination for educators, offering a range of musical instruments that enrich the learning experience and cultivate a love for music.”

Best Gift Card for Physical Education Teachers: Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card

About a Dicks Sporting Goods Gift Card

The best people to reward with the Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card are Physical Education teachers who teach students why an active and healthy lifestyle is important. They have everything needed to make their lesson plans interesting and exciting in terms of sporting goods, athletic wear, or fitness accessories through this store. As a result, it is very possible for tutors to obtain such tools as quality equipment that will enable them to bring up students in a happy classroom environment. Besides that, this card can be given as an expression of gratitude for those who focus on keeping learners engaged by gifting them with Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards.


  • Offers a wide selection of sporting equipment and fitness accessories for engaging lessons
  • Enables physical education teachers to equip students with top-quality gear for a positive learning environment


  • Limited to Dick’s Sporting Goods’ offerings, may not cover resources from other specialized sports equipment retailers
  • Does not directly support professional development or physical education curriculum materials.

What our testers say:

“Empowering my students with a $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card opened up a world of possibilities for our physical education activities. I chose the ‘Nike Premier Team Soccer Ball’ priced at $29.99, enhancing our soccer drills and games. ‘The Nike Premier Team Soccer Ball has become the MVP of our PE classes, providing durability and quality for countless play sessions,’ I expressed. Dick’s Sporting Goods remains an essential partner for educators, offering a range of sports equipment that fosters a love for physical activity and teamwork in the classroom.”

Best Gift Card for Technology Teachers: Best Buy Gift Card

About a Best Buy Gift Card

The Best Buy Gift Card is the best choice for technology teachers who promote innovation and digital literacy in classrooms. Best Buy has a vast array of technological products including laptops, tablets, educational software etc. For example, this gift card can allow technology teachers to provide modern tools and resource that enhance teaching and learning processes while preparing students for their digital future. Another way to say it is by giving them a Best Buy Gift Card which will enable them to realize their mission


  • Provides access to a wide range of technology products and educational software
  • Empowers technology teachers to equip classrooms with cutting-edge tools for enhanced learning experiences.


  • Limited to Best Buy’s offerings, may not cover resources from other specialized technology retailers
  • Does not directly support professional development or technology-specific curriculum materials.

What our testers say:

“A 100 dollar gift card from Best Buy for my classroom technology revitalization changed the game. For $49.99, I bought the ‘Logitech Wireless Presenter R400’ that gives me a smooth control over my presentations. “Because of its swiftness in switching slides and making it easier to get students interested in learning them through this device,” I said, while talking about how it has transformed my teaching practice into a more effective one. More than anything else, Best Buy is an educator’s best friend – they have technology solutions that enrich learning and keep classrooms on the cutting edge of technology.”

Best Gift Card for Foreign Language Teachers:

About a Gift Card

Those who teach second languages, increase the areas of thought and enable people to see the world from a new perspective, must be given the best which is why Gift Card makes an excellent option. It is meant for these educators of foreign languages that they can use it to enjoy vacations during their off days or organize study tours in foreign countries aimed at improving their language and knowhow of culture. Instead of merely reading about other cultures teachers can live them firsthand thus bringing numerous real-life experiences into their classrooms designed to supplement their students’ journey toward mastering a new tongue. Show your appreciation for their commitment in expanding linguistic horizons with a Gift Card that does all the talking for you.


  • Provides an opportunity for language educators to indulge in well-deserved getaways or immersive trips
  • Enhances language skills and cultural knowledge, enriching classroom experiences with authentic stories


  • Limited to offerings, may not cover resources from other specialized travel platforms
  • Does not directly support professional development or language-specific teaching materials.

What our testers say:

“Embarking on an educational journey with a $75 gift card allowed me to enhance my professional development. I booked a stay at a local conference hotel through, spending $70 for a night’s accommodation. ‘The convenience of using for my stay made attending the conference more accessible and enriching,’ I expressed. emerges as a valuable resource for educators, providing a seamless platform to find and book accommodations for professional growth and networking opportunities.”

Best Gift Card for Classroom Decorations: Walmart Gift Card

About a Walmart Gift Card

The Walmart Gift Card is worthy for teachers who have an ego in their classroom layout because it helps to create a motivating and captivating learning place where classroom decorations play an important role. Walmart has a large variety of classroom decorations that range from colorful bulletin boards to motivational posters and organizational tools. Through this gift card, teachers can modify their classrooms into lively arenas that encourage innovation and boost enthusiasm towards education. Appreciate their commitment to creating an enticing and inspiring teaching environment by giving them a Walmart Gift Card.


  • Offers an extensive selection of classroom decorations, enhancing the learning environment
  • Allows teachers to create vibrant spaces that foster creativity and enthusiasm for learning


  • Limited to Walmart’s offerings, may not cover decorations from other specialized educational retailers
  • Does not directly support professional development or subject-specific classroom resources.

What our testers say:

“Enhancing my classroom with a $50 Walmart gift card was a practical and budget-friendly choice. I selected the ‘Mainstays Student Desk with Easy-Glide Drawer’ priced at $49.99, providing a functional and organized workspace for my students. ‘The Mainstays Student Desk has transformed our learning environment, offering a dedicated space for students to focus on their studies,’ I shared. Walmart continues to be a reliable source for educators, offering affordable and quality solutions that contribute to an effective and engaging classroom setup.”

Best Gift Card for Classroom Supplies: Office Depot Gift Card

About an Office Depot Gift Card

Teachers who tirelessly buy materials for their classrooms to enhance learning will find Office Depot Gift Card ideal. The company offers a wide range of crucial supplies for classroom, including pens and paper, organizational tools and instruction resources. You help teachers prepare fully-equipped classrooms by presenting them with an office depot gift card. Present them with an Office Depot Gift Card acknowledging their dedication to developing young minds and enabling the growth of efficient classes.


  • Provides access to a vast assortment of essential classroom supplies for efficient teaching
  • Empowers teachers to ensure their classrooms are fully equipped and organized for successful learning


  • Limited to Office Depot’s offerings, may not cover supplies from other specialized educational retailers
  • Does not directly support professional development or subject-specific teaching materials.

What our testers say:

“Optimizing my classroom organization with a $30 Office Depot gift card was a strategic investment. I chose the ‘Brenton Studio X-Cross 48”W Desk and File Set’ priced at $29.99, creating a streamlined workspace for administrative tasks. ‘The Brenton Studio X-Cross Desk has been a game-changer, providing both functionality and style to my office space,’ I expressed. Office Depot proves to be an indispensable ally for educators, offering affordable and efficient solutions to keep classrooms organized and productive.”

Best Gift Card for Virtual Teaching Tools: Google Play Gift Card

About a Google Play Gift Card

In the digital age of virtual classrooms and online learning, the Google Play Gift Card stands out as the best choice for teachers utilizing technology in education. Google Play offers an extensive range of educational apps, e-books, and other digital resources that enhance virtual teaching experiences. With this gift card, teachers can access a plethora of tools to facilitate interactive lessons, track student progress, and explore innovative teaching methodologies. Recognize their adaptability and dedication to navigating the digital realm of education by presenting them with a Google Play Gift Card that unlocks a world of virtual teaching possibilities.


  • Offers an extensive range of educational apps and digital resources for virtual teaching
  • Empowers teachers to facilitate interactive lessons and explore innovative teaching methodologies


  • Limited to Google Play’s offerings, may not cover resources from other specialized digital platforms
  • Does not directly support professional development or virtual teaching software subscriptions.

What our testers say:

“Empowering my teaching toolkit with a $25 Google Play gift card has opened up a world of educational apps and resources. I invested in the ‘Noteshelf: Take Notes, Sketch, Annotate – Keywords Studios’ app priced at $9.99, bringing versatility and organization to my lesson planning. ‘Noteshelf has transformed the way I organize and deliver lessons, providing a digital canvas for creativity and collaboration,’ I shared. Google Play proves to be an invaluable resource for educators, offering a vast array of apps that enhance the learning experience and foster innovative teaching methods.”

How we chose the Best Gift Cards for Teachers

I have been teaching Language Arts for 19 years and as such, I know the necessity of meaningful and thoughtful presents that can be so helpful to my colleagues. There are several key factors that had to be taken into account while selecting the best gift cards for teachers.

First of all, convenience is important. These are gift cards to online platforms or stores that offer a wide range of resources and materials specifically designed for each subject area. Gift cards for booksellers or e-reader websites catering to the needs of teachers who teach language arts was what I aimed at; these will help them diversify their classroom libraries with good quality books on different topics. Math teachers may refer to gift cards from educational shops or websites selling manipulative kits, math games and other instruments used in practical learning.

Furthermore, versatility is another aspect I looked into. For art, science and history teachers there are vouchers for crafting shops, science supplies outlets or even internet educational stores. Music store vouchers where they can buy sheet music, musical instruments or audio appliances are also available for music educators. Lastly concerning physical education instructors who want to make use of innovative tools like fitness apps in their classes should consider getting gift certificates from sporting goods retailers, fitness equipments dealerships among others.

Ultimately my choices for the best teacher’s gift card aims not only at showing gratitude but providing tips on how to improve classrooms’ atmosphere with inspiring students through creativity and effectiveness.These aspects considered ,the above mentioned criteria ensured these prizes holds a lot value among recipients benefiting both learners and educators in our journey of education.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts about the Best Gift Cards for Teachers

In conclusion, as an experienced instructor, I strongly propose the 12 top gift vouchers for tutors in different areas. Each pick was made with usefulness and adaptability in mind. These gift cards help educators to widen their classrooms and provoke their students through creativity and effectiveness.

Barnes & Noble Gift Card brings literature and reading materials within the reach of language arts teachers. If you are a math teacher, then Starbucks Gift Card shall effectively be there to help you fuel your innovative teaching approaches with hot coffee. Did you know that science teachers can improve their lessons using Target Gift Card which provides access to myriad classroom supplies? History teachers will enjoy World Market Gift Card as they use it to supplement the lessons with unique artifacts and decorative pieces.

Michaels Gift Card is like a gold mine for art teachers; while Guitar Center Gift Card is a valuable asset for music instructors who want to encourage musical talents among learners. Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card is essential to physical education teachers who want their students to have quality gear on them.

An iPad will make any techie teacher shine through Best Buy’s custodianship. The Gift Card takes language teachers across cultures so they can bring real life experiences back home from foreign countries.Public school decor comes alive when decorated with Walmart’s ornamentation.

It’s also important to mention that some of these gift cards provide office supplies through Office Depot. In this era of digital learning, Google Play platform has been revolutionized by the Google Play Gift Cards into a virtual teaching arena.

As educators, these carefully selected gift cards mean something because they all go straight into addressing our needs and interests inside the classroom. They serve not only as tokens of appreciation but also as instruments meant for lifting up our teaching so that we leave indelible marks on our students’ educational paths forever. These gift cards are a perfect way of saying thank you and supporting the amazing work done by the teachers each day without fail. Therefore, dear teachers, let’s raise our glasses for the love and devotion to teaching that these wonderful gift cards represent. Have a nice day of both teaching and receiving gifts!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Gift Cards for Teachers

What are some practical criteria considered when selecting the best gift cards for teachers in various subjects?

When choosing the best gift cards for teachers across various subjects, several practical criteria are carefully taken into consideration. These criteria ensure that the selected gift cards are not only appreciated but also put to effective use in enriching the classroom experience. Practicality is key, with a focus on gift cards for stores or online platforms that offer a wide range of resources and materials directly related to each subject area. Whether it’s language arts teachers benefiting from bookstore or e-book platform gift cards, math teachers finding value in educational stores or math game websites, or science, history, art, music, physical education, and technology teachers enjoying cards tailored to their specific needs, the chosen gift cards aim to inspire and empower educators in creative and meaningful ways.

Why is the Barnes & Noble Gift Card recommended as the best gift card for language arts teachers?

For those whose concern is an amazing shopping experience for their language arts teachers, they should consider buying Barnes & Noble Gift Card. Language arts teachers have the pivotal role in being the source of inspiration for students through words and storytelling which are magical. Any language arts teacher will find whatever book suits his or her needs at Barnes & Noble whether it is a collection of classical literature, poetry, contemporary fiction or other works. This gift card enables tutors to add interesting reading materials to their class libraries. Being a tool that supports any constant development, studying something new as well as pleasure reading time this certificate suggests no limits. A gift that encourages knowledge acquisition, creativity and love for books tells educators who mold young future writers how thankful we really are.

What advantages does the Starbucks Gift Card offer for math teachers?

Starbucks Gift Card is a good choice for teachers of maths, as it appreciates their work. Math educators often thrive on their caffeine fix to fuel their innovative teaching methods and long hours of lesson preparation. With the purchase of the Starbucks Gift Card, teachers can foot their favorite beverages and create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting during coffee-fueled conversations with students. This cozy ambiance in Starbucks also provides a relaxed space where educators can relax or chat about other teacher things or even grade papers. The gift card not only serves as a token of gratitude, but it is also an interesting way for math teachers to get recharged and inspired again so that they foster an environment that is both positive and engaging for all teachers and students. A Starbucks Gift Card – celebrate the dedication and passion of Math Teachers; add warmth & energy in their daily lives.

How can science teachers benefit from the Target Gift Card?

The Target Gift Card offers science teachers a wide array of benefits, making it a valuable and practical choice. Science educators nurture young minds’ curiosity and critical thinking skills, and the Target Gift Card enables them to access an extensive selection of science-related resources. From experiment kits and educational models to science-themed board games, Target stores provide an enriching shopping experience for science teachers seeking classroom supplies. With this gift card, science teachers can easily acquire classroom materials that enhance their teaching methods and foster hands-on learning opportunities for their students. Show appreciation for the educators who fuel the spirit of scientific inquiry with a Target Gift Card that opens up a world of possibilities for their classrooms.

Why is the World Market Gift Card a suitable choice for history teachers?

When it comes to history teachers, among the best-suited choices is the World Market Gift Card which has a range of unique and culturally diverse resources that help enrich their teaching. As living embodiments of the past, historians make sense of human experiences in relation to the current times; thus, using a World Market Gift Card will supply them with collections ranging from artifacts through decorations up to educational supplies having an international touch. These can add depth to historical events and cultures, enabling history teachers to develop lessons that immerse students fully into their subject matter. By presenting them with World Market Gift Cards, you appreciate their effort in teaching about former times but also empower them with items that can bring those lessons alive in class. Give your favorite history teacher a World Market gift card – this is likely going to be more than just another way of thanking them for shaping young minds’ With a World Market Gift Card, show gratitude for their devotion towards nurturing young talents since it allows many doors open for education across the globe.

What makes the Michaels Gift Card the best gift for art teachers?

There is no doubt that Michaels Gift Card is the most appropriate gift for art teachers, and it has many benefits which increase their capacity to make students become creative and self-expressive. Imagination in children is boosted by art educators while the Michaels shops have much of art materials such as paintbrushes, canvases, sculpting materials and craft kits. This makes it possible for Art teachers to use a wide range of tools as they go about their innovative projects. In this way, the card will show gratitude for investing themselves in guiding potential artists’ lives and also empower them further to continue inspiring young minds. To celebrate what they do in schools with a Michaels Gift Card can encourage an active learning environment filled with color.

How can the Guitar Center Gift Card enhance the teaching experience for music teachers?

The Guitar Center Gift Card is an excellent teaching tool for music teachers. The Guitar Center has a wide variety of musical instruments, sheet music, and audio equipment that will be of great help to these artists who orchestrate their passion and talent like symphonies. This gift card can be used by the said tutors to make available diverse materials that will help them in nurturing artistic talents among students as well as igniting love for tunes and harmony. Additionally, the Guitar Center Gift Card enables music teachers to establish dynamic and engaging learning environments through upgrading their classroom’s instrument collection or finding new innovative teaching aids. In giving them this gift card, you not only honor their commitment but also give them a tool that will enable them nurture the future generation of musicians. Show appreciation through a Guitar Center Gift Card in concert with thankfulness for outstanding service delivered by those skillful mentors inside classrooms.

Finally, it is worth noting that the main reward associated with any form of a gift card is independence on what should be purchased using it.

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