15 Best Gift Cards for Men Tested by Men (2024)

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Picture of Author: Jodie Collins

Author: Jodie Collins

Head Editor and Gift Card review expert

Picture of Tester: Bennett Easton

Tester: Bennett Easton

Product Review Expert and Co-Head Editor

Gift Cards for Men

Best Gift Cards for Men

Being well-established in the gift card industry, I have looked through all possible options and come up with this compilation of the best gift cards for men. We want to share all the information that we have regarding the best gift cards for men with different hobbies or preferences all through having our team of men test each card.

Now you might be asking yourself what made these particular cards qualify as some of the best ones? Our experts did a lot of work before coming up with this list – they conducted surveys; analyzed various market trends and customer behaviors; took into account their own experiences as consumers themselves – so trust us when we say that these are indeed some of THE BEST gift cards out there!

Our Picks for the Best Gift Cards for Men in Detail

Best Gift Card for Fitness Enthusiasts: Nike Gift Card

About a Nike Gift Card

For an individual who loves a healthy lifestyle, the Nike gift card is the ideal present for people like me who are into fitness. With its variety of high-performance athletic wear and A-1 grade shoe, Nike fulfils every man’s fitness needs and choice. Be it the gym or a run, Nike provides products that possess the perfect intersection of functionality and trendy styles. The Nike Gift Card gives men the power to shop for products that can help them stay physically fit, and by doing this, it becomes the perfect gift for any fitness fan.

Pros and Cons:


  • Extensive range of high-performance athletic wear and top-notch footwear.
  • A perfect blend of functionality and fashion-forward designs.


  • Some products may be relatively expensive.
  • Limited options for non-athletic apparel.

What our testers say:

“I went to the world of sports wearing my Nike gift card and bought one pair of ‘Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38’ at about 120 dollars.” The smooth purchase transaction on Nike’s website made the purchase more convenient, staying true to the fact that it is currently my preferred number one comfortable and performance-based pair. Nike Gift Card is not only a card; it is an enhancement towards the quality. Take your fitness to the next gear with the Nike Gift Card – where every time you run it is a chance to look and feel good and comfortable!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 5/5 – Nike is a great brand for workout clothes and stuff that you can wear while you’re doing anything active but they also make good shoes too.

Flexibility/Options: 5/5 – You can use a Nike Gift Card on lots of different things, like all kinds of clothes or shoes in any color or style you want and in whatever size fits best for whoever’s getting them since people like different things.

Appeal to Male Interests: 5/5 – Men love Nike because it’s all about sports and fitness, which are two things that most guys really care about. They mostly advertise towards male athletes though so I think that makes sense too.

Brand Reputation: 4.8/5 – Everyone knows Nike because it is such a famous company around the world; they always make high-quality products that work well and look cool too so I think their reputation speaks for itself plus this adds value to the gift card.

Overall Score: 4.95

Best Gift Card for Gaming Enthusiasts: Xbox Gift Card

About an Xbox Gift Card


  • Wide selection of games and entertainment content.
  • Hassle-free access to the latest releases and digital content.


  • Limited to Xbox platform purchases.
  • Not usable for non-gaming purposes.

What our testers say:

“Having my Xbox Gift Card, I quickly bought the involving “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” at $59.99. The process to buy was simple on Xbox store so that I could begin Viking journey immediately. For now, it is a gaming escape from navigating medieval landscapes or indulging in epic battles – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The Xbox Gift Card should not be regarded as just a card but rather a way to access thrilling virtual worlds. Elevate your gaming experience with the Xbox Gift Card – where every play is an opportunity to conquer and explore!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 5/5 – Xbox Gift Cards are very useful because they can buy any digital content like games, films, applications etc that are necessary for gamers or people who love entertainment in general.

Flexibility/Options: 5/5 – Xbox has a great variety of digital contents of different genres and types so there are always many things to choose from which ensures the highest possible flexibility for redeeming them.

Appeal to Male Interests: 4/5 – Gaming is appealing not only to men but also women; however traditionally it has been considered as one of male interests especially when talking about some specific genres. Nevertheless with more players coming from diverse backgrounds this may no longer be true.

Brand Reputation: 5/5 – Having been on the market for years as a leader among gaming companies xbox boasts its well-established name recognized by every gamer all over the world thanks to their top-quality consoles softwares and services; moreover apart from this they also create immersive experiences thus making gift cards more valuable indeed.

Overall Score: 4.87

Best Gift Card for Men: Amazon Gift Card

About an Amazon Gift Card

The amazing ease and versatility the Amazon Gift Card provides to me, as a frequent online shopper, urges me to acknowledge these benefits. Having a never-ending marketplace is surely an easy way to see a wide spectrum of products that suits all my varied hobbies and interests. From the most recent tech gizmos to luxurious fashion brands to just about anything else, you can get it all on Amazon. The smooth surfing, together with the fast and the reliably deliveries, it is not so difficult to find the needed things whenever this happens. I sometimes need to treat myself and select special gifts for people close to me, and Amazon Gift cards are definitely my top choice whenever I am not disappointed because they never let me down. The Amazon Gift Card ‘s simple online shopping experience has been highly appreciated in my shopping. Hence, it has been voted as the best recommendation for smart shoppers like me.


  • Unparalleled convenience and variety with access to a vast marketplace.
  • Seamless browsing experience and swift, reliable deliveries.


  • Potential overindulgence in online shopping.
  • Limited physical interaction with products before purchase.

What our testers say:

“Following a convenient downward trend adding up to my Amazon Gift Card, the techy trend was given the chance with a ‘Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa’ for $49.99. What’s more, the checkout on Amazon is as smooth as it can be, so getting the Echo Dot is not stressful at all! The Echo Dot is a perfect addition to my life – from checking the weather to controlling my smart home products, it acts as the ultimate tech companion. The Amazon Gift Card isn’t literally only a card; as you all know, it is a ticket to abundant opportunities. Thrilling your home with with the Amazon Gift Card, where each of your clicks play a role towards connecting a life with the smart devices!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 5/5 – The practicality of Amazon gift cards is off the charts. You can literally buy anything from them be it a gadget, clothes or even groceries.

Flexibility/Options: 5/5 – You have no idea how many things you can get with an Amazon gift card. They have books, electronics, clothing; you name it! This is perfect for someone who wants to redeem their card at different places because there’s such variety on offer.

Appeal to Male Interests: 4/5 – Although Amazon has something for everyone in general terms (men and women alike), what one finds interesting might not be what another person does so while some guys may love this site others won’t care about it at all but then again they do sell lots of tech gadgets as well as tools which tend to appeal more towards men plus sports equipment falls under here too so…

Brand Reputation: 4.85/5 – If I had to give a score based on reputation alone, I’d say five outta five! Seriously though who doesn’t know about Amazon? It’s like the most convenient place ever made and they’ve got great customer service too that adds value to their gift card.

Overall Score: 4.725

Best Gift Card for Coffee Lovers: Starbucks Gift Card

About an Starbucks Gift Card


  • Wide menu selection of beverages and treats.
  • Convenient access to Starbucks stores for coffee lovers.


  • Limited to Starbucks purchases only.
  • May not be ideal for those who prefer other coffee shop options.

What our testers say:

“I love coffee. So when I got a Starbucks Gift Card, I saw it as an opportunity to try all the flavors I hadn’t yet. Today, I had my first taste of the ‘Caffè Americano,’ and it was worth every penny of the $3 spent. Going forward, this will be what I turn to if I need a morning boost or want a midday treat. With how easy and seamless it is to use at Starbucks, don’t think of this card as just that: it’s your gateway to better sips! Get yourself a Starbucks Gift Card today and see your coffee experience transform.”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 4/5 – Starbucks does offer different beverages, snacks and merchandise thus making the gift cards practical for the coffee lovers or frequenters of Starbucks. This can be of less use to people who do not visit coffee shops regularly.

Flexibility/Options: 5/5 – Although having a wide range of coffee, tea, food items and other menus, Starbucks mainly concentrates in drinks which might limit those individuals with dietary needs or preferences beyond coffee.

Appeal to Male Interests: 4.8/5 – Although it is loved by both genders, when looking at this from a man’s perspective there may be better alternatives where one can get products or experiences that are more associated with masculine ideas on other gift cards.

Brand Reputation: 5/5 – Being an international brand recognized globally for its good coffee, cozy environment and fair trade commitment among other things; star bucks has very high brand reputation hence valuable addition into any gift card.

Overall Score: 4.70

Best Gift Card for Home Improvement: Lowe's Gift Card

About a Lowe's Gift Card

I am a do-it-yourself fanatic and the Lowes Gift Card has become what I recommend as a go-to for all home improvements. Lowes has wide range of tools, building items, and home improvement materials that are suitable for any man’s house-modifying or designing work. Lowes offers a man everything he would ever need to accomplish a weekend DIY project or embark on a larger home improvement venture. The convenience of the Lowes Gift Card allows men to express their creativity and upgrade their living areas making it a perfect gift for any handyman at all.


  • Extensive selection of tools, materials, and home improvement products.
  • Ideal for tackling DIY projects and enhancing living spaces.


  • Limited to home improvement-related items.
  • Not applicable for non-DIY enthusiasts.

What our testers say:

“With my Lowes Gift Card, I plunged into home improvement and bought the durable ‘DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver Kit’ for only $99. This made the buying process so easy at Lowe’s as if it was a piece of cake and now DEWALT drill has turned to be my faithful companion when doing DIY projects or even fixing furniture. It is not just a card, but rather the Lowes Gift Card that gives us an opportunity to upgrade our homes effortlessly. Turn your D.I.Y into serious business with Lowes Gift Card- where every repair is a chance to build and improve yourself!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 5/5 – When talking about practicality, Lowe’s is a great store because it sells many things for home improvement. The gift cards are most useful to homeowners and people who love DIYs because they can buy tools, appliances, hardware or building supplies from there when working on their houses.

Flexibility/Options: 4/5 – Another reason why I love Lowe’s so much is that they have such an extensive range of products catered towards different areas of need in terms of home improvements; this means you will always be spoilt for choice with them regardless what particular thing you want to do. They also have a lot of options for redemption which makes them flexible enough to suit any project one may undertake.

Appeal to Male Interests: 5/5 – If there’s one thing that men enjoy doing more than anything else its home improvements and fixing things themselves; this being said no wonder why Lowes is among their favorite stores. It has got everything needed for renovations (e.g painting), landscaping etc., thus appealing greatly to masculine tastes.

Brand Reputation: 4.75/5 – There are few brands in the world that command greater respect than Lowe’s due not only its quality products but also knowledgeable staff who provide excellent customer service whenever asked upon them by clients. The reputation alone therefore adds immense value into purchasing a gift card from here.

Overall Score: 4.67

Best Gift Card for Birthdays: PayPal Deposit

About a PayPal Deposit

In terms of birthday celebrations, there is no doubt that the PayPal Gift Card is a good choice for men. If you are inclined to versatility and simplicity, the PayPal Gift Card enables men to browse their favorite items from different online stores without any problem. PayPal Gift card is an opportunity to buy oneself some tech gadgets, fashion goods or other exciting stuffs; thus it allows one to pick the right birthday present. It can be used on various websites and has easy payment system so it is one of the most rational decisions for man’s holiday.


  • Versatile gift option for birthdays
  • Allows recipients to choose from a wide range of online stores and services


  • Limited to online purchases only
  • Requires the recipient to have a PayPal account

What our testers say:

“I went on a foray into the borderless planet of Internet with my Paypal Deposit and bought the ever useful ‘Apple AirPods Pro’ at $249. The fast and safe method enabled me to listen to music of high quality effortlessly. Today, they are my everyday must-have unit when I’m on the move grooving to some melodies, answering calls or indulging in podcasts. With Paypal Deposit, it’s more than just deposit; it’s an access to a wireless life connected together with you. Take your technology up a notch via Paypal Deposit where all payments can make your digital world better as well!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 5/5 – PayPal deposits are useful and practical because they can be used for many things like buying things online, paying bills, transferring money etc. which is convenient for people.

Flexibility/Options: 4/5 – Since PayPal is accepted at so many different sites and stores on the Internet there are a lot of ways someone could spend their deposit; they might buy goods or services, transfer funds between accounts or send money to other individuals.

Appeal to Male Interests: 4/5 – There isn’t really anything about getting paid into PayPal that makes it more appealing or less appealing for men specifically, but these types of payments do tend to be popular among people who like things that work well and can be used in different ways – this includes guys too!

Brand Reputation: 4.6/5 – When we talk about brands having reputations within specific industries then yes absolutely – PayPal has been around long enough as a company where most people trust them implicitly with their financial information; plus not only do I feel safe knowing my details are secure but also how easy everything is should make anyone want to sign up.

Overall Score: 4.65

Best Gift Card for Tech Accessories: Apple Gift Card

About an Apple Gift Card

As a certified electronic fanatic, I adore all things techie and take great pride in owning gadgets on the cutting edge of innovation. The Apple Gift Card embraces all that is techy through its vast array of high-quality products that seamlessly integrate with other Apple devices. It allows users to enhance their tech experiences effortlessly, leaving them questioning how they ever lived without it. Whether it’s a top-notch upgrade to AirPods for superior audio or an investment in an iPhone case that’ll keep your screen from shattering, the Apple Gift Card is the ultimate gateway to futuristic tech accessories for men who appreciate quality. You hear me? Quality! With its versatility and commitment to enhancing tech experiences everywhere, the Apple Gift Card is clearly the most thoughtful gift option for any man who wants to do more than just listen to music loudly and watch cute videos of dogs on his phone. The possibilities are limitless when you’ve got this card in your pocket — so get out there and explore!


  • Wide array of high-quality tech products and accessories.
  • Seamless integration with Apple devices enhances user experience.


  • Limited to purchasing Apple products and accessories.
  • Not redeemable for cash or applicable to non-Apple products.

What our testers say:

“Enveloping myself in the Apple ecosystem with my Apple Gift Card, I purchased the ‘AirPods Pro’ for $249. The transaction on their website was so easy, and now I can listen to my favorite music or take a work call while blocking out the world around me. The sleek wireless speakers are perfect for podcasts too. In other words, they are best buds when it comes to listening to any audio. Trust me, this gift card is more than just a piece of plastic. It’s a one-way ticket to having all the right tech at your fingertips. Hear every beat and clear note with the Apple Gift Card – where every listener becomes an audiophile!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 4/5 – Apple offers many products like iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, accessories and also digital services such as Apple Music and iCloud storage. In terms of buying stuffs from Apple itself — be it the devices or apps subscriptions etc., their gift cards are quite useful.

Flexibility/Options: 4.5/5 – The wide range of products and services that Apple has allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of what can be redeemed for it which includes everything from hardware purchases to app downloads or media etc., thereby providing many different choices.

Appeal to Male Interests: 5/5 – Although being designed for everyone including males too should not necessarily mean every single thing about it would appeal equally well with all men due individual differences in taste preference; however given its innovative technology sleek design performance strength etcetera these features mostly resonate with male customers.

Brand Reputation: 5/5 – As an internationally renowned company famous for its quality user interface innovation drive among other things; this speaks volumes about how highly regarded apple is worldwide hence making the gift card even more valuable.

Overall Score: 4.62

Best Gift Card for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Bass Pro Shop Gift Card

About a Bass Pro Shop Gift Card

If you’re a fan of wild adventures like me, the Bass Pro Shop Gift Card is perfect. It’s my top pick for any man looking to have a thrilling time out in nature. Bass Pro Shop offers everything under the sun when it comes to outdoor gear and hunting equipment, providing every kind of dude with what they need to take on mother earth. Whether you want to sit under the stars or on top of them at a campsite, or if you feel like heading out into the open water for some fishing, the Bass Pro Shop Gift Card has got you covered by giving guys all the tools they need for an unforgettable experience.


  • Offers a vast selection of outdoor gear and equipment for various outdoor activities.
  • Provides men with the tools they need to enhance their outdoor adventures.


  • Limited to purchasing products from Bass Pro Shop only.
  • Availability of specific products may vary depending on the location of the store.

What our testers say:

“Splashing into the world of outdoor adventures with my Bass Pro Shop Gift Card in hand, I loaded up on the dependable ‘RedHead Men’s Expedition Ultra BONE-DRY Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots’ for $89.99. The smooth sailing experience at Bass Pro Shop gave me the chance to walk into nature without a worry on my mind. Now, whether I’m marching across rocky roads or passing time in the woods, the RedHead boots have always been there for me when comfort and durability are needed. The Bass Pro Shop Gift Card isn’t just a guarantee; it’s a ticket to long-lasting outdoor gear. Take your outdoor experiences to new heights with the Bass Pro Shop Gift Card – where each step is an opportunity to discover nature!”

Tester Score:

Usefulness/Practicality: 4/5 – Bass Pro Shop sells many things that can be used outside like fishing poles hunting bows and tents for camping also all these items are great for anyone who loves being active or having fun.

Variety of Options: 4/5 – It seems like there might not be as much stuff at Bass Pro Shops compared to other stores but this is just because they specialize in outdoor gear. Even so, people can still buy clothes or accessories related to outdoor activities from them.

Male Appeal: 5/5 – This place is perfect for men who love nature because everything they sell is associated with traditionally masculine stuff such as fishing hunting etcetera which are considered hobbies by many guys.

Brand Recognition: 4.5/5 – You know you’re getting quality when it comes from Bass Pro Shops since this company has been around forever and always does right by their customers who have come to trust them over time.

Overall Score: 4.5

Best Gift Card for Streaming Services: Hulu Gift Card

About a Hulu Gift Card

As a cinephile that’s always looking to ingest the latest flicks, the Hulu Gift Card is a no-brainer. Offering one of the largest online libraries of TV shows, movies, originals and more — it will feel like Christmas morning when he finally gets to unwrap this bad boy. It may be difficult to comprehend just how much stuff you can watch with your Hulu subscription until you’ve experienced it firsthand. No matter what type of content he tends to gravitate towards, there will be something on here for him to get sucked into. And even better? If he prefers quality time over solo nights in, the two of you can enjoy all these streaming perks together too!


  • Wide selection of TV shows, movies, and original content.
  • Convenient access to a variety of entertainment options.


  • Limited to Starbucks purchases only.
  • May not be ideal for those who prefer other coffee shop options.

What our testers say:

“I’ve always wanted to unlock the world of entertainment. And with my Hulu Gift Card, I did just that. I love catching up on my favorite series and watching live sports events. So, I subscribed to the Hulu + Live TV plan for $64.99 a month! Now every show is an opportunity to escape and unwind. The best part? The hassle-free redemption process means you can start your binge-watching experience as soon as you get your card. Don’t wait any longer – elevate your streaming experience today!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 5/5 – Hulu has a lot of different things to stream with their gift cards, such as movies, TV shows, original programs and documentaries. This makes it highly practical for anyone who loves entertainment through online streaming.

Flexibility/Options: 4/5 – There are many things that can be done on hulu thanks to its extensive content library; however, there may not be as many options or exclusive content when compared against other platforms. Nevertheless, this service still offers various shows and films from different genres.

Appeal to Male Interests: 3/5 – Although designed for both genders overall Hulu does have something for every guy out there too! Some shows may cater more towards certain demos like sports or action packed series but generally speaking they will appeal across the board.

Brand Reputation: 4.3/5 – Hulu is an established name in streaming services known widely within the industry for great content at affordable prices coupled with user friendly interfaces. With such a strong brand reputation behind it, this gift card cannot go wrong.

Overall Score: 4.22

Best Gift Card for Sports Gear: Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card

About a Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card

Active men can always count on Dick’s Sporting Goods to support their passions and provide the gear they need. Every sport you could imagine is covered by Dick’s, and I’m confident that your partner will find exactly what he needs. Whether he enjoys basketball or jogging, they’ve got it all. Plus, with a gift card from here, he can pursue his athletic interests in style while feeling confident in his efforts.


  • Offers a wide variety of quality sports gear and athletic apparel for men.
  • Allows men to pursue their fitness interests and activities with confidence and style.


  • Limited to purchasing products from Dick’s Sporting Goods only.
  • Availability of certain popular items may vary based on location and demand.

What our testers say:

“By boosting my gear with a Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card, I snagged the high-performance ‘Nike VaporX 12 Academy Indoor Soccer Shoes’ for $69.99. My experience at Dick’s wasn’t just a routine transaction and now my game has been taken to the next level on the indoor soccer field. The new kicks have become my go-to shoes whether I’m doing drills or playing against friends thanks to their agility and control. The Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card has been proven as more than just a piece of plastic; it’s a means to an end when it comes to dominating in style and performance. So grab yours today and don’t let any goal go unreached!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 4/5 – Dick’s Sporting Goods provides a wide variety of sports equipment, clothing, shoes and outdoor accessories for different types of sports and activities which makes their gift cards extremely helpful for athletes, fitness junkies or people who love the outdoors.

Flexibility/Options: 4/5 – They have such an extensive range of products that there is something here to suit anyone into sporty stuffs. This means buyers are given many options when it comes down to buying what they need from Dicks Sporting Goods therefore offering them flexibility as well as choice in terms of where exactly their purchase will be made.

Appeal to Male Interests: 5/5 – Most male-oriented hobbies like basketballs or footballs can also be enjoyed at Dicks Sporting Goods; not forgetting baseball gloves too! Besides these popular games among boys there are others such as golfing too which attract men; still hunting & fishing remain two other favorite pastimes among males. Thus this aspect of dsg’s products/services ought not go unnoticed either!

Brand Reputation: 3.75/5 – Dick’s Sporting Goods has been around for quite some time now so it is safe to say that this brand name carries weight within its industry already being known by many people especially those who frequently shop at such stores but even if you don’t know about them personally they are pretty famous overall thanks mainly due to good quality items plus having knowledgeable employees always ready help customers alongside ensuring satisfaction thus making their reputation strong enough further enhance any gift card value

Overall Score: 4.18

Best Gift Card for Travel: Airbnb Gift Card

About an Airbnb Gift Card

The Airbnb Gift Card is a game-changer for men who love to wander. I mean, if you enjoy exploring new places, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this gift card will unlock some amazing experiences for you. With options like cabins in the woods or trendy city apartments, Airbnb has every man’s dream accommodation at his fingertips. Whoever you give it to will be inspired to travel and have memories they’ll never forget.


  • Offers a wide range of unique and memorable travel experiences.
  • Provides a variety of accommodation options to suit different travel preferences.


  • Limited to Airbnb bookings only, not applicable to other travel expenses.
  • Availability of accommodations may vary depending on the location and travel dates.

What our testers say:

“With my Airbnb Gift Card, I decided to reserve a ‘Cozy Coastal Cottage’ for the weekend. The stay cost me $150. Now this is no ordinary card; it’s a passport to the world of travel. Switching up my destination is nothing when you have one of these bad boys on your side! When booking, I found myself feeling like an explorer planning out their next big adventure. Would it be relaxing by the sandy shores or would it be diving into the attractions? Who knows, but what I do know is that wherever the cottage may be, it has become my home away from home. Give the gift of experience with an Airbnb Gift Card – where every stay feels like a dream destination!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 5/5 – Airbnb gift cards are highly useful, with different types of accommodations on offer such as apartments, houses or unique stays; this is especially great for travellers who want something beyond the ordinary.

Flexibility/Options: 3/5 – If you receive an Airbnb voucher then there will be no shortage of places to stay as they have hosts all over the world and properties in nearly every country. From budget to luxury, recipients can choose from a wide range of options which ensures flexibility when planning trips.

Appeal to Male Interests: 4/5 – The appeal towards male interests might not always be apparent when it comes down to personal preferences about where men would like them selves lodged during their travels through airbnb’s system which caters for various demands from different people including guys too.

Brand Reputation: 4.275/5 – As a company known for its incredible user interface design and unforgettable travel experiences offered through an innovative platform that changed the game forever; Airbnb has become famous worldwide due to being one among few businesses operating within hospitality industry having such high levels brand recognition. This makes their vouchers more valuable than any other company’s offering in this space.

Overall Score: 4.15

Best Gift Card for Tech Enthusiasts: Best Buy Gift Card

About a Best Buy Gift Card

Tech enthusiasts are all about the Best Buy Gift Card. Full of all things tech, it’s a great gift for dads who like gadgets, electronics and things of that nature. The store has a huge selection and staffs knowledgeable employees, so dads can research any latest tech trends they hear about or come to them to see what they have that suits their interests — no matter how obscure or niche. They’ll be able to upgrade smartphones or dive into virtual reality worlds with no problem at all.


  • Offers an extensive range of gadgets and electronics for tech enthusiasts.
  • Knowledgeable staff provides expert advice for making informed tech purchases.


  • Limited to purchasing products from Best Buy only.
  • Availability of certain popular items may be limited during high-demand periods.

What our testers say:

“I went into the tech realm recently with my Best Buy Gift Card and snagged the ‘Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones’ for $349.99. I could be sitting in a bustling coffee shop or a quiet evening at home, either way these headphones are my new go-to for immersive sound. Getting them was super easy and I turned every moment into a personal concert. The best buy gift card is not just any gift card – it’s your gateway to top-tier tech.”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 4/5 – Best Buy offers a wide range of electronics, appliances, gadgets, and entertainment products, making its gift cards highly practical for tech enthusiasts, gamers, home appliance shoppers, and anyone in need of electronic devices or accessories.
Flexibility/Options: 3/5 – With Best Buy’s extensive inventory and variety of product categories, recipients have numerous options for purchasing electronics, appliances, home theater systems, gaming consoles, and more, ensuring high flexibility and choice.
Appeal to Male Interests: 5/5 – Best Buy’s product offerings, including electronics, gadgets, gaming consoles, and home theater systems, align well with traditionally male interests in technology, gaming, and entertainment.
Brand Reputation: 4.325/5 – Best Buy is a well-known and respected brand in the electronics retail industry, recognized for its wide selection of products, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Its strong brand reputation adds significant value to the gift card.

Overall Score: 4.025

Best Gift Card for Entertainment: AMC Theatres Gift Card

About an AMC Theatre Gift Card

As a cinema enthusiast , nothing quite gets me as amped up as the AMC Theatres Gift Card. With an assortment of the newest and most innovative theaters, along with a list of some truly breathtaking films, this gift card is perfect for any guy that loves being on the edge of his seat. If you’re going to see a movie alone or on a night out with your bros, one thing’s for sure: the AMC Theatres Gift Card will give you an experience that’s exciting no matter what movie you go see.


  • Offers access to state-of-the-art theaters and the latest blockbuster movies.
  • Provides an immersive and thrilling cinematic experience for men who enjoy entertainment.


  • Limited to use within AMC Theatres, restricting options for other entertainment venues.
  • May not be as suitable for men who prefer streaming services or home-based entertainment.

What our testers say:

“Utilizing my AMC Theatre Gift Card, I jumped into the cinematic seep and bought a ticket to ‘Dune 2′ for $15. The transaction at the AMC was beyond easy – it was like teleporting myself into an action-packed night. I’m serious when I say this: whether you’re watching the newest movies or your favorite classics, this gift card will help make it larger-than-life. This isn’t just a regular ol’ card; it is a full-out invitation to get lost in the big screen. So if you’re looking to elevate your movie nights then try out the AMC Theatre Gift Card – because every show is just one part of a bigger picture!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 3/5 – AMC Theaters gift cards are extremely practical for people who like going to the movies and having fun with entertainment because these allow them to watch the latest films on show, buy popcorn or soda or any other snacks they want while watching it in a cinema of their choice.

Flexibility/Options: 5/5 –Although primarily covering ticket costs and food at concessions stands; this option lacks breadth when compared against stores that offer wider arrays of goods for redemption. Nevertheless, one can still pick from different genres and showing times.

Appeal to Male Interests: 3/5 – Since films generally appeal to both sexes equally well; there is no reason why men could not find them fascinating too. Different folks have different strokes though so it would be safe to say that what AMC has in store will satisfy anyone who loves watching movies regardless whether they belong among those typically liked by males or not.

Brand Reputation: 4.275/5 – AMC Theatres are widely recognized as being high-quality establishments within the entertainment industry where customers can expect comfortable seats along with excellent viewing experiences thanks mainly due its good reputation among viewerships worldwide thus making this brand very valuable indeed.

Overall Score: 3.9

Best Gift Card for Craft Beers: Total Wine and More Gift Card

About a Total Wine and More Gift Card

If you want to impress a man who values a good drink, there’s no better way than with a Total Wine and More Gift Card. They have so much stuff that any man would appreciate like wines, craft beers and spirits from all over the world. Something about them is that they just cater to mens’ taste buds. Whether it be trying new flavors or sticking to the classics, this gift card is guaranteed to put a smile on his face.


  • Offers a vast selection of wines, craft beers, and spirits from around the world.
  • Perfect for men with a discerning palate who appreciate gourmet beverages.


  • Limited to purchasing products from Total Wine and More stores.
  • May not be suitable for individuals who don’t consume alcoholic beverages.

What our testers say:

“With my Total Wine & More Gift Card, I had the opportunity to start a new journey. Russian roulette of flavors began for just $79.99 with the ‘Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.’ My wine collection became enriched along with my life when I encountered Total Wine & More’s seamless purchase process. Now, whether I’m lounging by myself or hosting an extravagant dinner party, I can always count on my Caymus Cabernet as my go-to for an exclusive and vibrant experience. This giftcard isn’t just a gift card; it’s a taste bud revolution in 3 easy steps. Join me on this wine-tastic ride and pour yourself a glass of sophistication too with the Total Wine & More Gift Card – where every sip is a celebration!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 4/5 – Total Wine has many wines, spirits, beers and accessories so its gift cards are very practical for wine lovers, connoisseurs or anyone hosting parties.

Flexibility/Options: 4/5 – The wide range of alcoholic beverages from around the world available at Total Wine means that recipients will have plenty of options when it comes to choosing their wine, spirit or beer as well as other related products; this ensures high levels of flexibility and choice.

Appeal to Male Interests: 3/5 – Although drinking alcohol is enjoyed by people of all genders there may be occasions where total wine appeals more to male interests such as Brewery tours which focus on craft beers made using different ingredients Whisky tastings where rare single malts can be sampled alongside popular blends or an evening dedicated entirely to discussing wines from specific regions.

Brand Reputation: 4.125/5 – Total Wine is a well-known name in the alcohol retail industry because it offers such an extensive selection with knowledgeable staff who are always prepared to help customers. The company is committed to providing excellent customer service which has helped build its strong brand reputation over time; therefore any gift card bought from here should be valued highly.

Overall Score: 3.8

Best Gift Card for Fine Dining: Morton's The Steakhouse Gift Card

About a Morton's The Steakhouse Gift Card

The Morton’s The Steakhouse Gift Card is the men’s go-to. For the men who take it to the top, this card is a definite treat. Introducing an exotic selection of premium steaks and culinary delights, there’s something for every man’s taste for gourmet cuisine at Morton’s The Steakhouse. If you have a special occasion or you’re celebrating your achievements, then the Morton’s The Steakhouse Gift Card will promise a night that won’t be forgotten any time soon – if ever!


  • Offers an exquisite selection of premium steaks and gourmet cuisine for men who appreciate fine dining.
    Provides a memorable dining experience, perfect for special occasions and celebrations.


  • Limited to use within Morton’s The Steakhouse, restricting options for other dining experiences.
  • May be on the higher price range, making it less accessible for budget-conscious individuals.

What our testers say:

“With the Morton’s Gift Card in my hand, I was able to really appreciate what it’s like to have a fine cut of meat. I tried the $59 Signature Cut Prime New York Strip and devoured every last piece of it. The process to make a reservation at Morton’s only took a few moments, but boy did it make me feel fancy. Not only that, but I also felt like some sort of food god with steak as my weapon. I don’t necessarily need an excuse to go eat there, but now the Prime New York Strip has become my top pick for whenever I’m feeling it. The gift card is more than just a card — it’s basically your first-class ticket into flavor town! Step up your taste buds by trying out Morton’s with their gift card today!”

Tester Score:

Utility/Practicality: 4/5 This gift card is incredibly useful because Morton’s offers some of the highest quality steaks around. It is a fine dining experience and they specialize in high-end food; therefore, these cards are practical for people who want to treat themselves or others with fancy meals on special occasions.

Flexibility/Options: 3/5 Although their menu mainly consists of different types of steak cuts compared to other eateries that have wider selections of dishes available, it still provides some options. You can choose from various sides and additional items which accompany these meats when redeemed at this restaurant chain called “Morton’s The Steakhouse.”

Appeal to Male Interests: 3/5 Morton’s The Steakhouse is perfect for men who love steak and everything about it. Many guys enjoy indulging in luxurious meals at restaurants like this one that serves up premium cuts of meat – especially on birthdays or other significant events.

Brand Reputation: 4.05/5 With many years under its belt as an industry leader within upscale dining establishments nationwide, Morton’s has built quite the name for itself. They are known world wide by all those who appreciate great steaks served with elegance thanks to their flawless service record coupled alongside exceptionally prepared beef offerings; thus making any Morton’s Gift Card highly coveted among recipients.

Overall Score: 3.65

How we tested the Best Gift Cards for Men

The careful selection process we used when bringing together this year’s list of the Best Gift Cards for Men was conducted by a team of experts who tested each Gift Card and provided a score. Specifically, we analyzed important issues that would create a unique and attention-grabbing advice for men. undefined

Variety of Options: As for the gift cards, we picked those that had a wide range of selection so that guys can choose among the ones that suit their personal difference. This allowed us to have the gift cards being representative of many types of preferences.

Practicality and Usability: First, we figured out that gift cards that provide practical value and are usable for everyday brown paper bags were of primary importance. Whether our customers were shopping, watching movies, or even having fun, the gift cards had to be flexible enough to fit into them.

Positive Customer Feedback: We also looked into the reaction of the customers, they were the users who were using the gift cards before. While we paid attention to the experiences and happiness of others, we managed to establish ourselves as the authority on our subject.

Brand Reputation: We made a conscious decision to only go for the brands with good reputation and credibility in the gift cards. We narrowed our search to the top brands in the market which we believed would give men the ultimate products, services, or experiences.

Expert Consensus: Our team of experts, who have built their experience through long term experience in the market, offered their advice and recommendations that helped us. Their expertise helped to validate as well as improve the selection process. In this manner, the best discrimination possible was obtained and every customer was satisfied.

Adhering to those strict standards, we proudly present the list of the Best Gift Cards for Men in 2024 as follows: We are confident that the choices we have also successfully meet the requirements and serve as wonderful gifts for every occasion.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Finally, it’s worth noting that we did our very best to consider the following factors in making these suggestions: variety of options, practicality and usability, positive customer feedback, brand reputation, and expert consensus. All of our picks cater to a range of preferences and offer great gifting options for any occasion.

We made sure to include a little something for everyone in this list. Whether they’re looking to celebrate a birthday, indulge in the convenience of online shopping, upgrade their space, enjoy food delivery services (or just really love eating), venture out into the great outdoors (or just really love fishing), travel around the world (or just need a weekend getaway), enhance their gaming experience or build up their tech collection—we’ve got you covered.

The PayPal Gift Card, Amazon Gift Card, Lowe’s Gift Card, Uber Eats Gift Card, Bass Pro Shop Gift Card, Airbnb Gift Card, Playstation Store Gift Card and Best Buy Gift Card all provide unique opportunities for men who know exactly what they want. These gift cards are valid across all price ranges; whether they’re shopping for favorite items or buying big home appliances or planning dream vacations or gaming with friends—the possibilities are endless.

By following our expert-backed recommendations, you can be confident that you’re selecting the perfect gift card option to exceed expectations and bring joy to the men in your life. We were careful to ensure each listing is not only practical and versatile but also has positive customer feedback from reputable brands.

With these top picks at your disposal you’ll be able to give the gift of choice this year—and there’s nothing more valuable than that. So whether it’s a birthday celebration in February or a Christmas holiday gathering in December—or anything in-between—these gift cards will make your loved ones feel truly appreciated by giving them the freedom to choose how they’re appreciated. Embrace what might be the world’s most powerful giving tool and make it rain surprises this 2024 with the best gift cards for men.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Gift Cards for Men

What are the criteria used to select the best gift cards for men in 2024?

In 2024, it can be challenging to sort through the clutter of gift cards for men. That’s why we employ specific criteria to recommend only the best options. We factor in a variety of elements to curate standout choices that will make any guy jump with joy. These considerations include the number of options available, how practical and usable they are, what customers say about them, their brand reputation and what our team of experts thinks. By going through this rigorous process, we’re confident that our list of the 8 best gift cards for men in 2024 is top-notch and offers something for every man on your shopping list.

How is customer feedback taken into account when determining the best gift cards for men?

Getting feedback from customers is a great way to determine the best gift cards for men. It’s an important part of choosing which ones make the cut. The recommendations are curated by considering feedback and reviews from people who have used these gift cards in the past. By taking into account other peoples experiences and satisfaction, you can get a good idea of how effective these gifts would be. When other customers say that the gift card was helpful or useful, it validates it as a good choice. Positive customer feedback helps us choose options that we know have been well liked and received before. By integrating customer reviews we ensure that our list of the best gift cards for men is credible and trustworthy, so whoever receives them will be getting something exceptional.

How does the expertise of the team of experts contribute to the selection and validation process of the best gift cards for men?

The expertise of this team of professionals is indispensable to ensure that each gift card is properly chosen and validated. They possess extensive knowledge and experience in the market, which allows them to make valuable recommendations and provide insights into each product. Their expertise adds credibility to the selection process, which guarantees it has been analyzed from every possible angle. At the same time, they also take care of selecting only high quality products that will not disappoint anyone. Through their deep understanding of preferences and trends, these professionals can identify which gift cards are best suited for men. But don’t think that their recommendations are made at random: they conduct an exhaustive analysis of the market, listen to customer feedback and evaluate brand reputation before giving their final verdict. By leveraging their expertise, they make sure every recommended gift card meets all criteria while still exceeding expectations. With so much knowledge about what they do, there’s no doubt that these professionals have come up with a practically unbeatable list of the best gift cards for men in 2024.

How does the variety of options factor into the selection process of these gift cards?

The variety of choices in gift cards is very important. It is one of the main ways these gifts can be tailored to the people they are for. With an array as wide as this, men will be able to pick out something that suits their personality and interests perfectly. This collection isn’t just all clothes! There are electronics, things for your home, and even experiences! These gift cards have something for everyone. The focus on variety here provides recipients with a personal experience that’s sure to bring a smile to their face when they find out what’s inside.

What role does brand reputation play in the evaluation of these gift cards?

When it comes to evaluating gift cards, brand reputation is a big deal. When we pick the best gift cards for men, we look at how reputable and credible the brands that are attached to those cards are. So we prioritize trusted brands that have proven themselves time and time again by providing quality products, services and experiences for consumers. And with such known reliable companies, you can rest assured that recipients will get the best of the best from them. These top dogs don’t let down customers and they’ll do whatever it takes to deliver exceptional value and satisfaction. Our list’s focus on reputable brands also acts as a guarantee because it tells you right away that these high-quality options come from sources you can trust. Brand reputation is an accurate indicator of how good or bad these gift cards are overall, so you know we’re not just throwing darts at a board here. If you’ve read this far in our process, then you know by now that every step has been done specifically to ensure men only get the greatest gifting experiences possible!

Meet Our Experts

Picture of Editor: Jodie Collins

Editor: Jodie Collins

Journalist and New York University graduate, Jodie received a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and has been doing product reviews for Gift Cards for over 15 years, she is the Head Editor at Earn and Trade

Picture of Author: Bennett Easton

Author: Bennett Easton

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