9 Best Gift Cards for Gamers Tested by Gamers (2024)

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Author: Jodie Collins

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Author: Bennett Easton

Gamer and Product Review Expert and Co-Head Editor

Gift Cards for Gamers

The Best Gift Cards for Gamers

As a prominent gamer, I’ve thoroughly explored numerous options and curated this collection of top-notch gift cards for gamers. We’re eager to divulge all the insights we’ve gathered about the finest gift cards tailored for gamers with diverse preferences and interests, leveraging our team of avid gamers to put each card to the test.

These selected gift cards stand out as some of the best, endorsed by our gaming experts who dedicated extensive effort to compile this list. Their meticulous approach involved surveys, analysis of market trends and gamer behaviors, and drawing from their own firsthand experiences as consumers. Rest assured, these are among the premier gift cards available for gamers.

Our Picks for the Best Gift Cards for Gamers in Detail

Best Gift Cards for Gaming Accessories: Razer Gold Gift Card

About a Razer Gold Gift Card

As a gamer who knows what he wants, I turn to the Razer Gold Gift Card. I’m all about getting the best peripherals and accessories money can buy. It’s on me whenever I need to elevate my gaming setup with top quality gear from Razer. You can find keyboards, mice, headsets, and more at this brand. When you have this gift card in your hands you will uncover a world of gaming excellence. After that it’ll make sure your precision is precise, your comfort is comfortable, and your style is stylish every time you pick up the controller. It’s an indispensable choice for gamers who want their setup to be the ultimate one.


  • Premium Gaming Gear: Razer Gold Gift Card offers access to top-notch gaming peripherals and accessories.
  • Enhanced Gaming Experience: Elevate gaming sessions with precision, comfort, and style using Razer products.


  • Razer Product Exclusivity: Limited to purchases from the Razer brand and its associated products.
  • Not for Non-Gamers: Not suitable for individuals who do not prioritize gaming peripherals.

What our testers say:

“Taking my gaming experience to new heights was a strategic move. I used a $50 Razer Gold gift card to grab the ‘Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse,’ which cost $49.99 and added power and accuracy to my gaming. “The Razer Gold gift card let me upgrade my gear in seconds, boosting how well I can play and setting me up for competitive wins,” I said. No one else has the kind of access that Razer Gold brings, offering all of us gamers instant buying power on high-quality peripherals and accessories that we need to stay immersed at our best.”

Best Gift Card for Gamers: Nintendo eShop Gift Card

About a Nintendo eShop Gift Card

Being someone who absolutely loves playing video games, I can wholeheartedly say that the Nintendo eShop Gift Card is one of the best options you can choose for a fellow gaming enthusiast. With a wide range of interesting and captivating titles available specifically for the Nintendo Switch console, this gift card really ensures a gaming experience like no other. From classic Nintendo franchises to those beloved indie gems, there’s so much to choose from on their online shop and it’s all sure to keep any type of gamer entertained for hours upon end. Elevate your gaming adventures and dive head first into a world of excitement with this gift card in hand; it’s an easy choice for every fan of Nintendo out there.


  • Vast Selection: Access to a plethora of captivating titles for the Nintendo Switch console.
  • Diverse Gaming Options: From classic Nintendo franchises to indie gems, suitable for all gamers.


  • Limited to Nintendo Platform: Can only be used for games and content on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Not for Non-Nintendo Gamers: Not suitable for gamers who do not own a Nintendo Switch console.

What our testers say:

“The moment I used my $50 Nintendo eShop gift card, it sort of felt like a key to the universe and all of its gaming possibilities. One game in particular that I was hyped to invest into with my $59.99 was ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.’ In this epic adventure, I got lost in a world of thrill. And once you get inside the game, trust me, you’ll understand why I said ‘Breath of the Wild is actually so much better than I thought it would be.’ It’s because you end up exploring such an incredibly expansive open world that will captivate your senses in more ways than one. When you have this gift card, though, let me tell ya…you’ll feel like Willy Wonka did when he walked into his candy room for the first time. It’s a passkey to unlimited entertainment and endless immersive gaming experiences.”

Best Gift Card for Gaming-themed Restaurants and Cafes: Dave & Buster's Gift Card

About a Dave & Busters Gift Card

I have an intense love for gaming, physical games that is. Dave & Busters offers an experience that can’t be replicated online. This gift card will give you the chance to buy and eat their mouthwatering food while you play hours of addictive arcade games with your friends. Every time I’ve went there I always had something to do. They have so many things to do before you even start eating that it sometimes takes me a minute or two just to decide what game I want to play first. This gift card is guaranteed to help you find something fun to do, no matter what you like doing at these places – racing games, basketball shootouts, etc… You’ll also get some great food in your system while your at it!


  • Real-Life Gaming Fusion: Dave & Buster’s Gift Card combines delicious food with thrilling arcade games.
  • Social Fun: Enjoy countless hours of fun with friends and fellow gaming enthusiasts in an interactive setting.


  • Limited Locations: Dave & Buster’s may not be available in all areas, restricting accessibility.
  • Not for Solo Gaming: Ideal for group outings, may not suit gamers looking for solitary experiences.

What our testers say:

“I wanted to spice up my gaming routine, so I dropped a $30 Dave & Buster’s gift card on their counter. They gave me 1,000 credits in return. I burned half of them on “Mario Kart Arcade GP DX,” which cost 15. “No other arcade has anything close to this,” I said after finishing the immersive racing session. “There’s something about playing Mario Kart in an arcade that’s even better and more nostalgic.” For gamers who also want a social atmosphere, the gift card was well worth it for this game alone — not to mention everything else they have there.”

Best Gift Card for Casual Gamers: Xbox Gift Card

About an Xbox Gift Card

As someone who occasionally picks up a controller to game, I know how important it is to have variety and fun in the games that we play. The Xbox Gift Card really does cater to those of us who game casually. They have a huge selection of content, from single player stories that you can lose yourself in to multiplayer games that are just all around fun. Take gaming at your own pace with the Xbox Gift Card.


  • Versatile Gaming Selection: Xbox Gift Card offers a wide array of games and entertainment options.
  • Casual Gaming Appeal: Ideal for gamers who prefer relaxing storylines or fun multiplayer experiences.


  • Xbox Platform Restriction: Can only be used for purchases and content on the Xbox platform.
  • Limited to Digital Content: Not applicable for gamers seeking physical copies of games.

What our testers say:

“The $25 Xbox gift card I got recently? It was worth every penny. So what did I spend it on? Well, the “Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle” of course! It cost $19.99 and came with a bunch of exclusive skins and in-game content. “It’s honestly so convenient,” I said to my friend, who was also a gamer. With just one card, you have access to an entire universe of games and add-ons. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Best Gift Card for Streaming: Twitch Gift Card

About a Nintendo eShop Gift Card

I cannot emphasize enough how important the Twitch Gift Card is to me as a passionate gamer who loves connecting with the gaming community. With this gift card, you are given a key to live streaming videos, eSports events and other engaging content from your favorite streamers. Whether you’re watching or creating, Twitch is the place to be for all things gaming. Get access to exclusive benefits and make your streaming experience better with the Twitch Gift Card, it’s a must-have for any true gamer!


  • Access to Live Streams: Gain access to a realm of live streams and eSports events.
  • Engaging Content: Enjoy engaging content from favorite streamers and gaming-related creators.


  • Platform Limited: Can only be used for purchases and benefits on the Twitch platform.
  • No Physical Goods: Limited to virtual perks and content, no tangible items included.

What our testers say:

“I was so thrilled to up my gaming with this $25 Twitch gift card! I just had to get the “Twitch Turbo” service, which costs $8.99 a month and offers an ad-free experience with some extra perks thrown in. “Twitch Turbo has seriously changed my streaming game — no ads makes for a way better viewing environment,” I said. The Twitch gift card is super valuable for gamers, giving them access to premium features and supporting content creators on the app.”

Best Gift Card for Mobile Gamers: Google Play Gift Card

About a Google Play Gift Card

I play mobile games a lot. Therefore, I am certain that the Google Play Gift Card is the best choice out there for others like me. They have so many games to pick from, along with apps, and in-game purchases too. It’s almost like an amusement park but it’s all on your phone! You can play whatever kind of game you want, whether it be casual or strategy based. If you’re tired of the ends of your thumbs being flat from touching your screen too much this is pure heaven!


  • Extensive Selection: Access to a wide variety of mobile games, apps, and in-game purchases.
  • Versatile Gaming: Enjoy gaming experiences ranging from strategy to casual play on your mobile device.


  • Platform Restriction: Limited to purchases and content on the Google Play Store.
  • Mobile-Exclusive: Not applicable for gamers who prefer gaming on other platforms.

What our testers say:

“I recently had my mind blown when I used a $20 Google Play gift card on my mobile games. I spent $15 alone in the app “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” to buy character skins and power-ups, and it was totally worth it. “The Google Play gift card allowed me to level up my gameplay instantly, unlocking premium content and gaining a competitive edge,” I said. For gamers like myself, Google Play is an essential platform that lets you access all the in-game purchases you need without any fuss or stress — and that’s priceless.”

Best Gift Card for Digital Game Stores: PlayStation Store Gift Card​

About a PlayStation Store Gift Card

As a gamer that thrives in the virtual digital world of excellence. The PlayStation Store Gift Card never ceases to amaze me. Filled to the brim with a vault full of indie masterpieces, block buster hits and exclusive PlayStation content. The card’s worth is made immediately apparent when you see all this amazing gaming potential begging to be unleashed at your disposal. It will truly let you reach gaming excellence unparalleled by anything else out there. It feels like Playstation took it upon themselves to curate a digital treasure trove of adventures and challenges with their store, so buy one today and step into another universe where only good times await you! If you were on the ropes about which digital gift card to get someone for any occasion, look no further than the PlayStation Store Gift Card! Trust me, they’ll thank you later when they’re adventuring in worlds unknown!


  • Rich Content Library: Access to blockbuster titles, indie masterpieces, and exclusive PlayStation content.
  • Immersive Gaming Adventures: Unleash gaming potential with a diverse range of captivating adventures.


  • Platform Limitation: Can only be used for purchases and content on the PlayStation Store.
  • PlayStation Exclusive: Not suitable for gamers who do not own a PlayStation console.

What our testers say:

“I was ecstatic to climb my virtual adventures using a $50 PlayStation Store gift card. Unfortunately, I wasn’t playing Spider-Man, but I did however choose ‘Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut’ priced at $39.99. I spent some time getting lost in the captivating samurai epic and have since told everyone who would listen that ‘Ghost of Tsushima has redefined my gaming standards.’ It’s true though! The game offers stunning graphics and an engaging storyline all while being highly entertaining.. or maybe i’m just easily entertained? Who knows! One thing that is true however is the fact that the PlayStation Store gift card proves invaluable for any gamer. It provides seamless access to a massive library of top-tier titles and enhances the overall gaming experience.”

Best Gift Card for In-Game Purchases: EA Games Origin Apex Gift Card

About a EA Games Origin Apex Gift Card

I know that in-game purchases can make gaming so much better. The EA Games Origin Apex Gift Card gives you a pass to all kinds of add-ons, from new look items to game expansions, on Apex Legends and other EA titles. This gift card is perfect if you want to get better at games and booster your style with special purchases. If you want the best enhancements for your game, then the EA Games Origin Apex Gift Card will be your ticket to the best gaming possible.


  • Extensive In-Game Content: EA Games Origin Apex Gift Card offers access to a wide range of in-game content.
  • Personalized Gaming Style: Showcase your unique style with exclusive cosmetic items and enhancements.


  • Limited to EA Games: Can only be used for in-game purchases in EA titles like Apex Legends.
  • Platform Restriction: Restricted to the EA Games Origin platform, not applicable to other gaming platforms.

What our testers say:

“Adding a $20 EA Games Origin Apex gift card to my Apex Legends experience was bonkers. I bought the ‘Apex Legends Lifeline Edition’ for $19.99, which gave me some exclusive stuff and in-game content. ‘The EA Games Origin Apex gift card did it all – it made leveling up easier, let me add a personalized touch to gameplay, and boosted my overall gaming enjoyment,’ I told them. Gamers are loving the EA Games Origin Apex gift cards right now – they’re convenient and make a big impact, giving users access to premium content that enhances their experience inside of the game.”

Best Gift Card for PC Gamers: Newegg Gift Card

About an Xbox Gift Card

As a PC gamer, trust me when I say that having a solid place to find all your gaming needs is extremely important. If you didn’t already know, NewEgg provides just that with their Gift Card. With this card, they let you pick between an extensive list of gaming hardware, components and accessories. For example if you were looking for something to help spruce up your computer’s performance or enhance the graphics on your games, newegg has it all. As someone who takes pride in providing themselves with top-tier gaming experiences… trust me when I say the Newegg Gift Card is a game-changer. It will be like taking off those training wheels and finally soaring with the eagles.


  • Wide Gaming Selection: Newegg Gift Card offers an extensive range of gaming hardware and accessories.
  • Reliable Source: Perfect solution for PC gamers seeking trustworthy and high-quality products.


  • PC-Exclusive: Limited to purchases for PC gaming needs, not applicable for console gamers.
  • Non-Gaming Products: Newegg offers a variety of products beyond gaming, potentially limiting gaming-focused options.

What our testers say:

“A tech geek’s paradise arrived when I got handed a $100 Newegg gift card and was able to optimize my gaming rig. My purchase, including the Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 Desktop Memory for $84.99, made my system hyperactive and much faster. “The Newegg gift card allowed me to upgrade my PC without any hassle,” I told friends. “My games now play smoother and load times are so much quicker.” Providing us with all our needs, Newegg has proven itself as a required stop for gamers everywhere who want nothing more than the best quality components for their setups in order to improve their overall experience.”

How we chose the Best Gift cards for Gamers

As a gamer, I know the joy of getting the perfect gift card. I want our gaming community to feel it too. So when I choose the best gift cards for gamers, I have certain criteria in mind. For one, we need variety. The selected gift cards have to work on different platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC. That way everyone can find something they love.

Next up is access to titles and expansions. Games are expensive enough as it is. If you’re going to spend money on a game card, make sure you’re guaranteed the opportunity to spend more money later down the line with in-game purchases or discounted expansion packs.

Don’t forget about security! Reputable sources like Steam and Epic Games Store always get priority over sketchy or unknown sites.

Gamer-friendly features are crucial too! This includes in-game currency options so your recipient can use their new funds however they like, virtual reality support for those that have VR headsets, and access to multiplayer online games so they can connect with friends easily.

Exclusive merch ranks high up there too. These sorts of items take things to another level by adding a physical aspect that might be missing from other games or consoles.

And lastly is value and flexibility. You want something that’s going to give someone options but not break your bank either. With all this in mind here’s my list of 9 best gift cards for gamers! It’s been curated and recommended by fellow gamers just like me so rest assured these will work for any gamer personality.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts about the Best Gift Cards for Gamers

When it’s all said and done, I’ve taken the pleasure to compile nine of the best gift cards for fellow gamers out there. Now as an enthusiast myself, I know how diverse our community is. So with that said, each and every recommendation has been carefully chosen based on crucial criteria. Making sure that no matter what type of platform or gaming style you’re into, everyone can find something they like here.

Whether it’s immersing in a Nintendo game with the Nintendo eShop Gift Card or live-streaming on Twitch with a Twitch Gift Card; these choices offer experiences that will take your gaming adventures to new heights.

For those who love mobile gaming, Google Play Gift Card gives you plenty of options to play while on the move. While PlayStation Store Gift Card grants access to exclusive content and blockbusters for PS fans.

Dave & Buster’s Gift Card which combines delicious dining and thrilling games will give you a memorable get-together experience everyone will enjoy.

If you’re more of a casual player who prefers Xbox over anything else, then look no further than Xbox Gift Card for entertainment on multiple fronts. Or if you’re all about your gaming gears then Razer Gold Gift Card got what any dedicated enthusiast needs.

EA Games Origin Apex Gift Card offers in-game enhancements to boost your skillset and Newegg Gift card provides PC gamers with hardware upgrades needed to ensure seamless gameplay.

Finally, I just want to take this moment to say that we understand the thrill of receiving a gift card that resonates with our passion. And hopefully this list serves as a valuable resource for people looking for gifts or treating themselves. The 9 best gift cards have been selected because we want to provide people with resources they can use to enhance their gaming journeys and create lasting memories. Have fun everybody!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Gift Cards for Gamers

What are the criteria used to select the best gift cards for gamers?

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the best gift cards for gamers. Variety and platform compatibility are essential. The criteria we use cover a wide range of gaming options, so that it’s suitable for popular platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC, giving gamers the freedom to choose what suits their style the most. By considering factors such as gaming content, accessibility and exclusive perks, we have curated a list of the best gift cards for gamers in order to enhance their experiences and make things more enjoyable. Whether you prefer consoles or mobile gaming, our diverse criteria will ensure that every recommendation is perfectly suited for our gaming community.

Can the Nintendo eShop Gift Card be used for other gaming consoles?

This card is exclusive to the Nintendo eShop, so it’s not compatible if you want to use it for other gaming consoles. This Gift Card is specifically for the digital storefront that gives you access to a lot of games and content on Nintendo platforms like the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. So while this card couldn’t be more perfect for any dedicated Nintendo gamer, it will not interact with Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. If you’re looking for gaming options in other ecosystems, check out those specific gift cards instead!

Are there any exclusive perks or benefits with the Twitch Gift Card?

The Twitch Gift Card is the key that unlocks the precious treasure chest of Twitch’s live streaming perks. On one side of the coin, viewers receive exclusive emotes, chat badges, and various interactive features that make every stream come alive. Content Creators on the other hand have a chance to earn Bits which are used as virtual currency that viewers can give back to support their favorite streamer during a live stream. With this gift card, gamers unlock both sides of these perks and fully immerse themselves in the loud and proud gaming community! It’s an absolute must-have for every gaming enthusiast who wants their live streaming experience enhanced with exclusivity at its finest.

Can I use the Google Play Gift Card for in-game purchases?

Absolutely, a Google Play Gift Card can be used to get in-game make-believe purchases that will conveniently transform your mobile gaming experience into the best thing you’ve ever had. The Google play store is stuffed with mobile games and other various apps for your entertainment needs and this gift card gives you access to all of it under one roof. With this card you are able to buy premium content like virtual currency, in game items, plus much more. Reach the highest level of your character with a click of a button or unlock features that were once exclusive because now they aren’t! Do whatever it takes to help you come out on top by using this unique payment method we exclusively offer you today.

Do the Dave & Buster's Gift Card and gaming-themed experiences have age restrictions?

It’s true that the Dave & Buster’s Gift Card and gaming-themed experiences have age restrictions. This place is popular for combining top-tier food with world-class games and interactive experiences. That said, they offer a wide variety of games that suits all age groups so don’t sweat it! Some attractions are tailored to older people and may have some restrictions, but most of the arcade games are family-friendly. So we’ve got something here for everyone! Before you plan your trip, make sure to check if any of their age restrictions will affect your group. Make sure to contact your local Dave & Buster’s or visit their website to find out specifics on what those age requirements are. Your time at Dave & Buster’s should be fun for everyone involved. That way you can make memories all day long with friends and family!

Are there any restrictions on the type of games available with the Xbox Gift Card?

Nope, the Xbox Gift Card isn’t picky like that. It’s got all sorts of games you can choose from with no problem- not to mention plenty to cater to everyone’s taste. You like action-adventures? They got that. You want some immersive role-playing? Look no further. Thrilling first-person shooters? Obviously, they have those too. Even if you’re looking for family-friendly fun, the Xbox Gift Card has your back by offering a variety of options across genres and style. That’s not even scratching the surface! With this versatile gift card, users are also able to download content, digital add ons and extra goodies which can be found on the Xbox Store along with other downloadable extras available on there as well! So if you’re someone who wants a little bit of everything or just exploring different genres- this card is for you!

Can the Razer Gold Gift Card be used for purchases outside of gaming accessories?

No, the Razer Gold Gift Card won’t work for that. You can only use it on items within the Razer ecosystem and what not. So, you can use it to get some gaming accessories or their peripherals. But wait! There’s more! Through a vast range of gaming gear they offer, Razer is regarded as a top brand in the gaming industry. Keyboards, mice, headsets? I’m talking all that good stuff. If you’re looking to upgrade your game setup or your whole experience, this card is perfect for you! However (there’s always an however), it cannot be used anywhere else other than the Razer store. And also don’t try using it for anything unrelated to gaming because that’ll just be embarrassing… Believe me I tried… So save yourself from that embarrassment and go buy some cool gaming stuff instead! But if you were really hoping to get something outside of those parameters with this gift card then I’d recommend switching gears and finding another option elsewhere.

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