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About Nextiva

Nextiva is a top provider of cloud communication solutions for all types of businesses. Being centered on innovation and customer satisfaction, Nextiva gives power to organizations in improving their communication abilities while simplifying their operations. Our extensive range of products and services include VoIP phone systems, unified communications, contact center solutions and collaboration tools all hosted in the cloud for maximum flexibility and scalability. Reliable and feature-rich platform by Nextiva enables businesses connect with customers, collaborate with teams and expand their operations efficiently. Whether you are a small business start-up or large enterprise, Nextiva has customized solutions to suit your specific needs hence helping you achieve your business goals. Supported by an award winning customer care team as well as industry leading technology, Nextiva is committed towards delivering exceptional value thereby fueling success for our clients. Be among thousands of worldwide companies who trust Nextiva today for their communication needs.

Nextiva FAQ

What services does Nextiva offer?

Nextiva offers a diverse range of internet based communication services meant to cater for the needs of businesses in all sizes. Our solutions include, but are not limited to, VoIP phone systems, UC, contact center solutions and more. What Nextiva does is that it simplifies business communication flow and enhances productivity besides improving customer interaction. Nextiva has your back whether you need a reliable telephone system or advanced collaboration options or even robust contact center functionalities to help your business do better. Discover Nextiva’s technology breakthroughs now, and change how you communicate.

Is Nextiva suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely, the right choice for small business is Nextiva. Our cloud-based communication solutions are both increaseable, cost-effective and user friendly, which makes them perfect for businesses with less resources and staff. In comparison to big companies, like nextiva; small businesses too can use advanced communication features that include VoIP phone systems, but also unified communications as well as contact center solutions. Small companies can smooth their communications process by our user-friendly program meant to improve collaboration between team members and satisfy clients. Furthermore, Nextiva has flexible price models designed for the needs of small businesses and budgets so you can get the right value for your money. The trust you put on Nextiva will make your small enterprise grow with its dependable and valued-added communication solutions.

How does Nextiva's pricing structure work?

The pricing structure by Nextiva is quite clear and adaptable, a trait that makes it convenient for any scale of enterprise. We have different pricing plans that match diverse consumption levels and requirements hence enabling clients to select the most suitable plan for their needs as well as budgets. It is usual for us to charge a base fee per user with basic features at no cost, but then add fees for extra features or add-ons that are premium ones. Moreover, Nextiva has monthly as well as annual billing schemes that allow our customers flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The company believes in open pricing with no hidden costs or unexpected charges; we offer priced products with utmost quality. Call us now and get more information about our pricing packages and find the right business communication solution for you today.

Can I integrate Nextiva with other business tools?

Yes, Nextiva offers uninterrupted merging with a variety of famous business tools and software applications. For instance, this platform has been designed to be compatible with other systems making it easier to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Zoho CRM among others or productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace and Slack. Consequently, you find that the flexible API’s and integrations by Nextiva enable you to enhance your workflow processes and improve the overall productivity in your organization. Syncing customer data, automating workflows or enhancing communication between depart consists are some of the reasons why our customers prefer integrating our communications into their operations. Experience Nextiva’s seamless integration capabilities today and take your business communication beyond limits. Call us today for more information on our integrations’ benefits to your company.

Does Nextiva offer mobile apps for remote work?

Definitely, Nextiva does offer mobile applications which are meant to help remote work and keep employees connected irrespective of where they may be. These applications are available on iOS as well as Android devices allowing for uninterrupted use of vital communication tools such as voice calls, video conferencing, messaging and more. Through this feature, remote workers can interact with co-workers while traveling or away from the office by exchanging documents and having meetings with them. What’s more? Our mobile apps provide ease-to-use interfaces and simple controls that make users feel more comfortable during their operations. Nextiva’s mobile apps are therefore the best solution for you when you are at home, on a journey or a moving trip in terms of staying connected and fully functional for your business activities. So enjoy that freedom and flexibility that comes with Nextiva mobile solutions designed to help you exercise remote working. Contact us now for further information regarding how our mobile applications can enable your virtual workforce efforts.

What kind of customer support does Nextiva provide?

Exceptionally good customer support for the welfare of our customers is what Nextiva is priding itself on. We have a dedicated team of support agents who are knowledgeable and can be reached through phone, email, and chat to handle any questions, technical issues, or account inquiries. Moreover, Nextiva offers comprehensive self-help resources such as knowledge base, FAQs, videos and user guides that equip customers with the skills to find answers and fix common problems autonomously. Apart from supporting clients throughout their lifespan with Nextiva by offering continuous help whenever required beyond the first set up process; we do not want to hear from you after today; we are there to make sure that you get it right. You can count on Nextiva for dependable responsive custom care hence allowing you exploit the full potential of our communication solutions. Feel free to contact us today! Enjoy a whole new experience when it comes to customer support at Nextiva.

Is Nextiva's platform secure and compliant with regulations?

Yes, Nextiva’s platform has been designed with high security measures and compliance protocols that maintain the protection of sensitive data and observance to industry regulations. We use modern encryption technologies, secure data centers and regular security audits in order to prevent unauthorized access, breaches or cyber threats on customer information. Besides, Nextiva remains compliant to various regulatory frameworks like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA among others which grant their clients peace of mind across different industries such as healthcare, banking and legal services. In this regard you can rest assured that your communication data is safe and within the law thus allowing you to concentrate on running your business without worrying about safety issues or legal matters. Get the trustworthiness and confidence in Nextiva’s reliable platform for all your communication needs. Contact us now for more information about our security measures and compliance standards.


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