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About Everlast

Everlast is a leading brand in the sports and fitness industry, offering a wide range of athletic wear, boxing gear, and fitness equipment. Founded in 1910, Everlast has been providing high-quality products for athletes of all levels for over a century. With a commitment to innovation and performance, Everlast is a trusted choice for athletes worldwide. Whether you are a professional boxer, a fitness enthusiast, or someone looking for high-quality athletic wear, Everlast has something for everyone.

Everlast FAQ

What are the best Everlast boxing gloves for beginners?

If you are new to boxing and looking for the right pair of gloves, Everlast offers several options. Some of the best Everlast boxing gloves for beginners are the Pro Style Training Gloves and the PowerLock Training Gloves. The Pro Style gloves are versatile and suitable for sparring and heavy bag training, while the PowerLock gloves offer more wrist support and are great for punching power. Both gloves are made with high-quality materials and provide excellent protection for your hands and wrists during training.

How to choose the best Everlast punching bag for home workouts?

When it comes to choosing the best Everlast punching bag for home workouts, there are several factors to consider. First, consider the weight of the bag, which should be appropriate for your skill level and fitness goals. Heavier bags are ideal for more experienced boxers and for building strength, while lighter bags are suitable for beginners and for cardio workouts. Second, decide on the type of bag you prefer, whether it’s a hanging bag, freestanding bag, or specialty bag like a speed bag or double-end bag. Third, consider the material of the bag, which can affect the durability and feel of the bag. Leather bags tend to be more durable and provide a better feel, while synthetic bags are more affordable and easier to maintain. Finally, make sure to choose a bag that fits your space and budget.

What are the best Everlast boxing shoes for training and sparring?

Looking for the best Everlast boxing shoes to support your training and sparring sessions? Everlast offers a wide range of boxing shoes designed to enhance your footwork, provide comfort and stability, and ensure maximum performance in the ring. To choose the best boxing shoes, consider factors such as the type of training you’ll be doing, your foot size and shape, and your personal preferences for style and color. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Everlast has a range of boxing shoes to suit your needs and help you perform at your best.

How to find the best deals on Everlast fitness equipment for budget-friendly shopping?

If you’re looking to buy Everlast fitness equipment but don’t want to break the bank, there are several ways to save money. One way is to shop during promotional events or look for coupon codes that offer discounts on Everlast products. Another way is to check out Everlast’s clearance section on their website, which offers discounted items. Additionally, you can sign up for their email newsletter to receive exclusive deals and promotions. With these tips, you can find the best deals on Everlast fitness equipment for budget-friendly shopping.

What are the best Everlast apparel items for a complete workout outfit?

If you’re looking for the best apparel to wear during your workout, Everlast has a variety of options to choose from. Some of the best Everlast apparel items include sports bras, leggings, and tank tops that offer comfort, style, and performance all in one. Everlast’s apparel is designed with the athlete in mind, providing the perfect balance of comfort and functionality. Whether you’re running, lifting, or doing yoga, Everlast apparel is built to help you achieve your fitness goals. With a wide range of sizes and styles available, finding the best Everlast apparel for your workout routine is easy.


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